Lying SOB for Congress

This tweet was sent out by Virginia Congressional hopeful Dan Helmer.

Everything about that is wrong.  Before we even get to the video, #VetsVsTheNRA is a fucking awful hashtag.  Helmer is a graduate of West Point.  Which along with that Commie Turd cadet makes me wonder what the fuck West Point teaches now days.

“I’m going to put my life on the line to defend the Constitution of the United States, but not all of it.  The parts I don’t like I will use my Veteran’s status to take away from people.”

So to the video.

He bought a gun within two miles of a school.  So what?  What does proximity to a school have to do with anything in a city?  It’s not like someone is going to a gun show on Saturday and then take a casual stroll two miles to go shoot up a school.

Manassas is in VA10, and here is a map of all the schools in the city with a scale bar of 2 mi.

Everywhere in the city is within two miles of a school.  So I guess what he is really saying is that nobody should be able to buy guns within city limits.

Then he goes to a table at a gun show.  Every gun show I’ve ever been to, the guys selling guns at tables were had an FFL.  You could sell your own stuff, but you couldn’t have a table.  That’s just anecdotal, but I’d be very skeptical that a table maned by three guys, with that many guns was not an FFL dealer.

Then he says “This is the same gun, same magazine I had in Afghanistan.  Thirty rounds, 5.56 mm.”

It’s not the same gun.  It might be the same mag, and again, so what?  That was nothing but a boilerplate soundbite for anti-gun voters.

Then he asks about registration and background checks.  Virginia doesn’t have gun registration.  If his default assumption is that it does, he’s a fucking idiot.  On the topic of the background check, I believe he’s lying.  For a 10 minute sale, there is less than two minutes of footage.

Having worked with an FFL before, if someone asked “there is no background check for this” I would have ended the sale right now.  Either that guy is a felon trying to get away with shit or he’s baiting you as either an anti-gun activist or as an ATF agent.  That’s one of those “red flags.”

In the conversation about the “no background checks” the seller says he doesn’t need his SSN.  That’s actually true.  You don’t need to use your SSN on a 4437, it is optional.  That’s not a crime.

Then the seller ask for Virginia ID while holding a tablet or iPad. That seems like a background check to me.  There is an all digital option now, no more paperwork.

The video than called out State Senator Wexton for supporting more expanded CCW rights and quotes Everytown for Gun Safety.

Now we know where this guy sits on gun rights, right next to Michael Bloomberg.  We also know that he’s willing to lie about everything to prove his point.

He closes the video talking about his AR is “functionally similar” to the rifle that he had in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Except it’s not.  That it is a “dangerous weapon of war,” which it is not.

But he just lied about buying a gun at a gun show without a background check so in compared to that, this is a minor lie.

So I went to this guy’s web page and this is what I found.

Dan is the son and grandson of immigrants.  His grandparents came to this country as Holocaust survivors and refugees. In America, they were welcomed and found prosperity, freedom, and peace. Dan believes that this, the American Dream, belongs to all of us – no matter our color, our religion, where we were born, or whom we love.

Oh Fuck.

First of all, that “son and grandson of immigrants” statement.  I know where it is going and fuck that guy.  Jewish survivors of the holocaust coming to America to because their entire way of life was wiped out in Europe is WAY FUCKING DIFFERENT than MS-13, illiterate illegals, or economic migrants sneaking over the boarder or former ISIS fighters claiming refugee status.

If you can’t tell the difference between what your grandparents went through and some illegal with multiple convictions getting sanctuary than your moral compass is broken.  I’ve written about this twice.  To see a Jew run for Congress on this is just fucking disgusting.

Second, another anti-gun Jew.  Not just another anti-gun Jew but the grandson of Holocaust survivors.  What they fuck?

God damned Nazis were marching in the streets less than 100 miles from where this guy lives and he wants to ban civilian ownership of guns.

If Nazis marched pretty much in my back yard I’d be stockpiling 30 round mags and 5.56 ammo.  Oh wait, I already do.

This guy is every wrong lesson and terrible progressive idea wrapped up into one awful cluster fuck.

“Hi, I’m the Jewish grandson of Holocaust survivors, in a state where Nazis and Communists had a street fight over who to kill for the betterment of politics,  explaining why I think civilians should be disarmed while using my status as a veteran to justify stripping away your civil liberties.”

Holy shit.  Fuck this guy.

9 Replies to “Lying SOB for Congress”

  1. He sounds very confused….maybe he was bullied in school.
    Guys like this give ALL vets a bad name. Good luck Virginia, one screwed up state.

  2. About tables and FFLs, every show I’ve been to in Kansas and Oklahoma ( the famous Wannenmacher show in Tulsa ) allows non-FFLs to rent tables for sales. They are STILL subject to the law, however.

    1. The policy (not the law) for the gun shows I grew up going to was non FFL could have tables, but they couldn’t sell guns. If you had a table and guns, you had to be an FFL as they didn’t want “unlicensed dealers” at their shows.

      1. The notion of “unlicensed dealers” ( i.e. individuals ) doesn’t seem to be viewed as an issue here. We do have one long-established show here in Wichita that prohibits individuals ( who are legally selling from their collections ) from displaying signs such as “No paperwork”. I understand the PR concern, but I still disagree with their policy.

  3. Herein is an example of ‘exactly what it takes to be….a liberal politician’—i.e. fraud, deception on multiple levels, and a straw-man argument designed/constructed to influence ONLY the unlearned and unexperienced potential voters. By design, he purposely will use the legitimate opposition-arguments (caused by this video) of his political rivals as valid proof of his ‘victim status’ thereby successfully creating a ‘identity-bond’ with the ‘democrat-created victim class’ whom he hopes will vote for him….as a fellow victim fighting for all victims everywhere.

  4. I’m throwing the BS flag. The last two gun shows I’ve went to that I bought firearms at, I did the 4473, presented ID, and the seller phoned in the background check and recorded that info on the 4473. One was a bolt action 20 gauge from the 50’s. The other was a Ruger 10/22. And yesterday I bought a Swedish Mauser made in 1906 from Cabelas. Obviously a C&R weapon, but still a full background check. Hardly the weapons of choice for mass destruction, or drive by shooting. But still underwent the full routine for each one.

    No dealer is going to risk his license and potential legal troubles over the sale of 1 AR. Particularly in the times we find ourselves in now.

    Guys full of crap.

  5. In another direction, let’s say those ‘three guys’ weren’t FFL’s. This is more than selling a couple of guns from their personal collection and they would be defined as ‘in business’, therefore in violation of ATF statutes.

    Just like all the other ‘gotcha’ videos that have been done over the years, how many vendors did this A-hole have to go to to find the one he could mis-interpret?

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