More of the great divide

Alyssa Milano is an actress and producer in Hollywood.  She grew up in New York.

I doubt she has ever been to Oklahoma, I doubt she could point to Oklahoma on a map without labels, and I guarantees shes knows nothing about Oklahoma except for Rodgers  Hammerstein musical.

Oklahoma decided to adopt Constitutional Carry.

Alyssa Milano voiced her opinion on twitter about this.

My first question is: why would she care?  She’s in California and will never travel to Oklahoma.

Oklahoma, as America’s 35th least densely populated state is entitled to pass laws that are for the good of its people.  Much the same way states like Wyoming and Alaska did before.  Notice a trend here?  When you have low density states with large open areas and economies heavy in energy/oil and agriculture, it’s easiest just to let people be and defend themselves as they please.

What works in Oklahoma and was voted on by Oklahomans is fine by me.

Not for Milano.  She had to busy body in the Sooner state.  I would put even money on her still thinking about Oklahomans as Okies.  Just stupid, poor, country bumpkins.  “Flyover country rubes” I believe is how the elite like to refer to people from the middle of the country.

This is the great American divide.  A celebrity from California and raised in New York can’t let Oklahoma be Oklahoma.  She has to get involved and criticize and condescend.

There are some people in this world who just want to let others the hell alone for them to decide was is best for them.  Then there are others who just have to interfere.

Milano lives to interfere, and there in lies the cause of the divide.

7 Replies to “More of the great divide”

  1. Well of course she can’t let Oklahomans be Oklahomans. If she could she would; but she can’t, so she won’t.

    I really don’t get the impetus to control other people’s lives that seems to be on display so often of late.

  2. While she is only a moderately successful actress, I still bet she has used armed security in the past or currently.

    It’s hard to hear her unpatriotic message through all the din of her hypocrisy.

  3. Well, it would be nice if she would pay all her taxes and all the back wages she owes her employees before she tries to be more moral than us knuckledragging hoplites.

  4. Point of order: it’s not a done deal yet. It’s on the Gov’s desk, awaiting either a signature or a veto. I’m giving even odds on either outcome.

  5. “…bought by the NRA”?
    This meme has to be stopped and called out every time it appears. The NRA is not a monolith, but millions of Americans trying to avoid stupid laws and promote liberty.
    On the other hand, liberal politicians are INDEED bought by money—from billionaires like Soros and Bloomberg. They have much deeper pockets than the NRA.
    Point this out to pointy-headed liberals (if you can get them to sit still and listen without interrupting).

    1. Prejudice like this makes life simple for them – no thinking is required. If people want rights, it’s because someone bought them.

      She just demonstrated that she can’t think. The NRA meme says that nobody can think.

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