Alyssa Milano: “For the record, my personal bodyguard was not armed. ” (Update: New Video)

Her own words:

Let’s go to the video replay! See it all, but the juicy part starts at 01:00

I (badly) made an animated GIF of the obvious printing.


My apologies, I can’t seem to figure out how to pause it.

I have not seen that much printing since I was working with my father’s Multilth Offset. If Stop and Frisk was still a thing in NYC, he would have been tasting pavement in no time.

Of course, the excuse will be that he had a colostomy bag… tactical, of course.

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    1. Shannon Watts claims a lot of ridiculous stuff, I think in general I would trust a statement from Alyssa Milano before I would trust one from Shannon Watts. In this case I think she’s full of it.

  1. The guard would never be tasting pavement because I strongly suspect he has a badge.

    Those of us who conceal carry go to great pains to pick the right clothes and model in front of the mirror, maybe ask trusted friends if they can see a print.

    Those who first start carrying on a duty belt, and then trade up to tossing a cheap jacket over the gun when the go detective don’t have the same concerns.

  2. No only is she obviously lying, but she is tactically stupid. Telling the the world that your private bodyguard is NOT armed could get you killed if things go sideways.

    1. I’m pretty sure she doesn’t think about those sort of tactics, she pays someone else to, namely that bodyguard. You’ve also got to remember with many of these people it’s not about actual security, it’s about feeling secure, otherwise I doubt they would get behind this agenda if they really took their personal security as seriously as many of us who cannot afford a bodyguard, or even really felt inclined to take ANY real personal responsibility for it. I imagine if she was really pressed and actually confronted with proof that he was armed she would claim ignorance, or that he was armed against her advice. I imagine the only thing she is thinking tactically about in this situation is how to further her political agenda.

      1. To those like her, she’s an important people, and deserves extra special protection. Everyone else isn’t important people, so who cares.

  3. Cop or not, he has no authority to tell a citizen who is exercising his First Amendment right to assemble where he can and cannot stand. I would have told him no, I will stand where I please. If he takes it further, it’s all on film, and you can sue him and his employer.

  4. I accused her of having had an armed bodyguard at some time or other. Perhaps she did not have one at this event (the video says otherwise), but somewhere in her career she had the luxury of someone packing to protect her ass. So, I really do not appreciate her trying to negate my civil right to self-defense.

    Of course, she is a dumb actress so plenty of security people who know about her fixation would just say they are not armed when in fact they were the whole time. It is not unheard of people keeping their CCW secret from loved ones for extended extended periods of time.

  5. I’ve given this more thought. Since the washed up actress Milano likely benefits from armed security in some capacity (whether intentional or not) she is either a HYPOCRITE for seeking to deny the same to us or she is an INGRATE for her failure to appreciate it when it is given, even if unrequested.

    She suffers from a Catch-22 scenario. She gets special treatment with regards to protection from robbery, rape, kidnapping, or murder, so she should not be able to complain about it. Yet she does. Oh boo hoo. Must be tough for her.

  6. I used to consider her an attractive woman. Too bad the drug use and syphilis are kicking in with her advanced age.

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