I support the Socialist Revolution in America for this one reason

There is a scene in the movie Doctor Zhivago that has always stuck with me.

The Doctor comes home after the war to find his family’s home being divided up into housing for other Soviet families.  The people being put into the house are poor so they are looting everything.  Doctor Zhivago watches this in horror and watches as the Commissars let it happen.  The Doctor is then allowed to live in the master bedroom of what was once his house.

I can’t find the whole scene on YouTube but just the following scene which captures when one of the Commissars scolds him for having too much.

I bring this up because Michael Moore tweeted this:

His assets were listed as part of his divorce in 2014.

He owns nine houses and had a net worth of over $50 million.  It has likely grown since then.

The one upside to a Socialist Revolution in the United States is this.

Michel Moore going to one of his nine houses to find a bunch of Antifa thugs looting it and squatting in its many bedrooms.  Then when he starts bitching about it, one Antifa thug taking his fat ass outside and shooting him the back of the head.

If there is anybody in America that deserves to experience “true Socialism” first hand, it’s him.


6 Replies to “I support the Socialist Revolution in America for this one reason”

  1. Yesterday, the WSJ had an article about a statue of Marx going up in Trier (Germany). Donated by China, which fits. The mayor supports it with the argument that “it’s part of history”. No indication whether a statue of Hitler will be installed next.

  2. The bigger the virtue signaler, the higher the amount of hypocrisy they’re hiding.
    Harvey Weinstein was a super feminist to hide his gross womanizing.
    Algore is all about the global warmings to hide his uber high energy big mansions and private jetsetting lifestyle.

    That Fat Bastard has gotten super super rich while slagging the rich, and happily lives the same lifestyle he condemns is an utterly perfect example of being a hypocrite. Much the same as the wealthy white Che-wearing wannabes who take him seriously.

  3. I support the Socialist Revolution because, historically, it seems to be a great way to kill off a whole bunch of Socialists.
    Well, mostly they kill each other off… but that’s okay with me too. Still helps weed the stupid out of the gene pool.

  4. Michael Moore has 9 houses. Bernie Sanders somehow wound up owning 3 on a government salary.

    Neither of these two socialists have opened their mansions to the homeless or sanctuary seeking illegal aliens, even though these stand empty most of the time,

    “All Animals are equal, but some Animals are more equal than others.”

    In the case of MM, that’s especially apt.

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