Alyssa Orwell

Alyssa Milano has been a leading voice with NoRa.  I guess she is trying to maintain relevancy in the public eye since she hasn’t been in anything popular since the late 90’s.

She went onto Twitter with her proposed “gun safety bill rights.”

A little bigger so you can read it.

I see they use the word “rights” the same way Oceania uses the word “freedom,”

That shouldn’t surprise me thought since these people embrace “ignorance is strength.”  That is the reason why so many anti-gun people know so little about guns.  Guns are bad and so knowing anything about guns is having wrong-think in your head.  The less the know about guns, the stronger their anti-gun position is.

After a preamble of NRA lies and hatred, they dive right into “reaffirming the Declaration of Independence.”  In typical far Left style, they don’t understand the word “liberty.”  Gun rights are baked into the “life and liberty” of the Declaration.  We have the right to defend ourselves and to possess the tools necessary for that.

To these tinpot tyrants, liberty means… being micro managed by the government so they can have freedom from other people’s behavior.  They use this perverse definition of freedom to affirm “rights” which are more government controls.

Equal protection of from gun violence.  At face value, this sounds fine.  Then you look at the statistics and see that half of all homicide victims are black and the overwhelming majority of murders are intraracial (black on black or white on white, etc.).  So when back men, who only make up about 7% of the country commit half the murders, how do you enforce “equal protection of from gun violence?”  Especially when your side is very anti-cop?  I have a feeling this will be done by attacking gun rights advocate as racist, even though the issues in the black community that cause the high murder rate have nothing to do with law abiding gun rights and everything to do with economics (low qualities of education, high unemployment, lack of responsible fathers, and other factors that drive up gang crime).

Right to know.  I think this goes back to the “The NRA won’t let the CDC study guns.”  Which actually means “the NRA won’t allow one bureaucracy to fudge the data that allows us to infringe on rights.”  Back in 2013, the CDC did a study on guns and found that defensive gun use was an important deterrent in crime happened between 500,000 and 3 million times in a year.  And the Obama administration buried it.  What they want is the right to lie to you with the authority of an unaccountable bureaucracy.

Right to live free of gun violence.  How pray tell do you do that?  How do you guarantee what other people will do?  They don’t like cops, they don’t want teachers to carry guns, they don’t want armed security.  How to you stop a bad person bent on hurting others from doing that?  In one of the most repressive nations in the world, China, a mad man stabbed a bunch of kids to death.  London has banned everything sharp and/or made of metal from city streets and still they are killing each other left and right.  You can’t get rid of the guns in the hands of the good guys and expect the bad guys to just give up.  This is infeasible nonsense.

Right of the mentally ill to be free of gun violence.  When you take away the double-speak this can only mean mass involuntary commitment.  How else do you stop a suicidal person from committing suicide?  Maybe they don’t care about suicide – the way they don’t care about non-gun violence – and just want to stop the depressed and mentally ill from getting guns.

Do they want mental health evaluations as part of background checks?  How bout HIPAA or patient privacy?  Should your gun potential gun owners have to submit to bureaucrats mental heath records or do the bureaucrats have the power to demand we be evaluated first?  Since they have already decided wanting gun rights makes us deranged just as the Soviets decided anybody who didn’t want to live under Communism was insane, is this just an excuse to deny anybody who really wants a gun their gun rights.

Right of the people to have influence.  Her special interest group is more equal than other special interest groups.  Our six million members shouldn’t have nearly as much say in our democracy as the few hundred NoRA protesters.  It’s not fair that we’ve been around since 1871 and they popped up within the last few weeks.  It’s not fair that our members put our money where our mouth is consistently with donations and an the voting booth.  It’s not fair that Trump won the electoral college.  If they can’t muster the people and the money that we can, they need some special authority to put us under their boot heel.

None of what they are asking for are rights in the tradition of the Bill of Rights.  They want bureaucratic authoritarian control over our gin rights, our privacy rights, and our right to freedom and speech and peaceably assemble.

Their “rights” put bureaucrats in charge of doling out privileges.

They demand more interference in our lives and redistribution of resources.

Their “Gun safety bill of rights” is the firearms equivalent of the 18th Amendment and they are like the temperance movement.  They want to use the government to strip the rights from millions of law abiding Americans because a small group of miserable, meddling harpies hates what we own justify it by the bad acts of a small group of people. Just like with the temperance movement and prohibition caused more problems that it solved and cost far more lived than had they done nothing, the same will happen here.  They will strip the gun rights from millions of law abiding Americans who will defend themselves upwards of 3 million times a year, and turn them into victims.

The classical Liberal idea of rights are freedoms guaranteed do you by limitations on the government.

The Progressive idea of rights is a false sense of security purchased by bureaucratic tyranny a loss of freedom.

This shows nothing but their contempt for the real Bill of Rights.


3 Replies to “Alyssa Orwell”

  1. I hate how these sadistic people want to end gun violence, but refuse to use their magical powers to end all violence.

  2. Since their “preamble” is full of distortions, lies, hyperbole, misplaced blame, and other crap, it is safe to disregard all the rest.

    It’s like me saying that the Jews control the banks and sacrifice children so we propose a bill to be free of their existence, etc.

    They are simultaneously evil and moronic, which is quite a feat.

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