Crime in Dallas during the NRA Annual Meeting.

As usual, I compared the last 2 weekends to serve as reference to the Annual Meeting. I got this map from the Dallas Police Department Crime Report page. These are the numbers as today and I have no idea if they will change in the future.

The circle indicates a 3 mile radius with the center being the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center.

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The numbers I got (as usual, I could be wrong) were: 32 crimes for the weekend of 4/20 to 4/22. Next we have 34 crimes for the weekend of 4/27 to 4/29 and we close with only 20 crimes for the weekend of the NRA Annual Meeting, roughly one-third less crime reported than in the previous 2 weeks.

Tune in again next year to see if finally we have blood in the streets and High Noon shootings at the next NRA Annual meeting in Indianapolis.



19 Replies to “Crime in Dallas during the NRA Annual Meeting.”

  1. Are the weeks you are comparing to the NRA weeks where the same sized crowds are at the convention center? I’m wondering how attendance numbers affect the crime.

    And, yes, I expect the numbers to be less wherever the NRA is, Just curious if like-numbered events see like-numbered crimes.

  2. Too bad I dropped out of Statistics 101. It would be very interesting to test these numbers for statistical significance. 20 instead of 30 seems enough to hit that threshold, but I don’t know how to do the work.

  3. I mentioned your project when I was talking to a very friendly Dallas cop, and he agreed that it was an easy weekend for him.

    He also said about the protests, which he was assigned to : “there’s more cops here than there are protesters!”

  4. The fact that the area was BLANKETED by Dallas PD, including cameras and observation towers probably had nothing to do with the lack of crime, right?

    1. Lack of crime? Who said anything about lack of crime? Allow me to quote myself:

      ” roughly one-third less crime reported than in the previous 2 weeks.”

      If you feel the urgent need to raise shit and call attention to yourself, please go somewhere else.

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