Do not valet your car, ever. (Updated)

I lost track of a Facebook post where a gentleman staying at a Hyatt hotel in Dallas (NRA AM) found a hotel manager and security going through his car after getting the keys from the valet. When confronted, the hotel reps said they had the right to go through the car because it was on their property.  Hopefully I will get more info as the managers get fired and the hotel sued.

But that brings a point I am ashamed to say I never thought about before: Do not valet your car anywhere ever. It is not only what they can take away from you (as the case above) but also what they can leave behind.

How many times have you seen COPS where a vehicle is pulled over, searched, the officer finds something and the suspect denies it. Does the cop believe him? Nope. Do you think a cop would make an exception for you because you are pretty?

Let me put it this way: You are literally giving the keys of your car to a total stranger, who is paid minimum wage and tips, in the hope he will treat your precious vehicle better than you would.

Would you valet your carry gun? Then, why would you valet your car?

Does that make sense to you?

Update: Will H. was kind enough to find the Facebook post belonging to F-1 Firearms LLC.

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  1. The few times I have been forced to valet, I get pissed when you read the disclaimer that they are not responsible for any damage to your vehicle, yet the bastards charge your for the privilege of parking your car.

  2. There is a valet service at the BHM airport. Curbside drop-off and pick-up seems incredibly convenient. But in their disclaimer it states that all vehicles are subject to a thorough search.

    I’ve never used them for that reason.

  3. Somebody really wanted to see what the inside of a Lambo was like. Rather than sheepishly apologize, he acted like a belligerent asshole.

    Dude should get fired twice.

    1. Bingo! That one thing we were told over and over when I worked at a hotel: Don’t go into cars unless the owner is there. That and other stuff we had to do in case…

  4. If your car has GPS and you input your home address, they can look you up.

    If you have the HomeLink system or your garage door remote is on your visor then they can use a programmable remote to pay you a little surprise visit later.

    They can copy your house keys, if you leave them attached to your car keys.

    How about (hopefully secured) firearms in the car. Let’s not even go there!

    I hate valet parking.

    1. I had a bad experience with valet parking in high school and never allowed a stranger to park my car again. Thay used to have these cool parking lots I downtown Chicago that had car elevators, so the only option was to let them park your car. My friend left her wallet on the seat, we went right back when she realized it but it was gone. That was it for me.

      There is always an option, however it may be better inconvenient.

      I never put my real address in the GPS system, mine goes to the Live Oak PD. I only need to to point me in the right direction, if I can get to town, I can find home.

      Also, there’s are lots of key holding devices that allow you to separate your car keys from your house keys. My car key (the clicker thing) has a separate key in the back that you can detach from the fob. Thats what I give to the mechanic, he gets no other keys and no access to the glove box, which is locked. I trust my mechanic but not the car hikers who come and go.

  5. I never allow my cars to be valet-parked and if I cannot park my cars myself, I leave. Besides all of the above, my cars have manual transmissions — most valets cannot drive them properly, if at all. Friends of mine have had their cars totaled because of this.

  6. Unless you agree to a vehicle search by contract (which you were given a chance to read it first) or verbally, no citizen can search your vehicle. In many states, that his would be a crime. Perhaps a report to the Dallas PD would be appropriate, especially because you have video evidence.
    You may also want to call Hyatt’s Customer Service Department. They should be made aware of this sort of behavior.
    In my garage experience, many so-called Security Officers are just wannabes who couldn’t get hired by any LE agency, and who try to compensate for this by engaging in absurd behaviors that would be prohibited by a LE agency. Further, about the last thing that they know about is the law.
    I say pursue this matter, and also let the NRA know so they can weigh in.

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