They did not think this one through.

Some “provocative:” thing they are doing in Chicago.

I kinda stopped at the first outright lie, no need to continue:

(Chicago — 9 May 2018) The Escape Pod in partnership with the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence announced today that it is launching the Chicago Gun Share Program, an art installation in Daley Plaza that was developed in response to the lack of federal gun regulations and conflicting state laws that would help protect American citizens from unnecessary gun violence.

Escape Pod’s Daley Plaza work addresses gun violence 

But you know what came to mind? Treat guns like cars! I mean, sharing still needs some sort of payment form (I have seen dedicated apps) to get access to bicycles and scooters and stuff like that which is the latest rage in the big cities (and keep getting stolen like crazy). No background checks so felons can get access to the vehicles and with cars, you can even rent them at airports .

It is also hilarious that this is in Chicago where there were 100 people shot during the same weekend where over 80,000+ NRA members were congregated in a small location of Dallas and nobody was hurt (Credit cards might have been seriously dented), yet we have Cook County Assholes trying to get preachy on us.

Go Fork Yourself.



11 Replies to “They did not think this one through.”

  1. This is exactly how it works in Chicago. The gangs own a stash of guns and gang members borrow them like a book out of a library.

    1. Not always — there was one case of a family gun, where an uncle (wheel-chair bound because of a gunshot) snuck a pistol through metal detectors for his niece, who intended to shoot a girl over a guy.

  2. “Lack of Federal gun laws”?????????? Shit when did they get rid of them??
    That mean I dont have to pay for my FFL anymore?(sarc) yea right.
    Laws to protect us?? Laws only protect when everyone OBEYS them. DUH
    More feel good bullshit from chitown

  3. I wonder how much of Bloomberg’s money they spent on that one? Hopefully a lot.
    Remember, never stop your enemy when they are making a mistake.

    What can be think up to waste more of their ill gotten money? Hmmm….

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