NoRA: No way they are this stupid.

The idiots at NoRA commenting about the knife attack in France :

  1. The terrorist was stopped by a properly placed shot, not a sexy pose from Alyssa Milano.
  2. The terrorist was heard yelling “‘Allahu akbar'” so there goes irrational fear.
  3. If you do not fear being stabbed, you are much dumber that originally thought.
  4. You dumb fucks forgot Bataclan?
  5. You dumb fucks forgot Charlie Hebdo?
  6. You dumb fucks forgot Hypercacher Kosher Supermarket?

They cannot be this stupid. They have to be omitting stuff and lying on purpose.

17 Replies to “NoRA: No way they are this stupid.”

  1. I love some cursing now and again (pretty much every other word that comes out of my mouth), but your artless use of it here makes this article less rather than more persuasive.

  2. As Kahr40 said, yes, these people are that stupid. It has become such a reality to them, it is impossible for logical thought and discourse to occur with them. They can’t, not won’t, can’t see the truth in front of them. It literally doesn’t exist. Like the enabler of a domestic abuser. Or the family of a serial killer, you know, the ones that say, “Well, he was a little different, but he was a good boy…”

    I have, in my town, gone up to the lefty protesters and, as they were spouting their stupidity, suggested that the phrase “Work will make you free” would be a good one to chant, you know, power to the people, workers of the world unite and so forth. The dumbasses actually started chanting it. I got some confused looks from them when I said it sounds better in the original German. (The cop that was standing next to them just about choked trying to hold in his laughter.)

    These idiots, college students and professors, didn’t understand that “Arbeit macht frei” was one of the horrors of the 20th century.

    It is the same when you try to tell them, with lots of written proof, that real Fascists and Nazis are both socialist groups, just better organized than regular socialist groups. “Nuh-un!” is about the most comprehensible and logical retort they can toss my way.

  3. Notice how they want to accuse us of racism. They throw out the “do not fear muslims” tripe and fail to realize that being a muslim is a choice, not a race.

    I know that muslims have many commandments to kill infidels and apostates. You don’t see that anywhere else. The Amish and Buddhists are not out there beheading people. Sorry, I will always distrust muslims because in the back of my mind I will always wonder…just how devout are they?

    Rational fear of a known threat is logical. Taking preventive action is brilliant.

    1. Amish don’t go around killing people, true. Buddhists? That used to be plausible. No longer — consider the pogroms underway in Burma.

  4. Maybe they are. Remember after the French and NYC bike path Truck killings some were immediately calling for more GUN control. Milano is no brainiac, just a big chested big mouth.

  5. Muslims attacked three churches in Indonesia today. Suicide bombers; so far 11 dead.

    If lefties don’t fear Muslims, where’s their art making fun of Mohammed?

    1. Good one! Challenge them on it, like this:
      “If you think that it is an irrational fear (the definition of phobia) of Muslims, and you think we are foolish in that regard, and call us “islamophobes,” please, please draw an image of Mohammed and prominently display it on your car and slowly drive thru a Muslim neighborhood in Europe.”

  6. Not supporting something is not the same thing as being afraid. For some reason that I do not comprehend, those on the left do not see a distinction.
    If you don’t support being gay, you are homophobic.
    If you recognize the Muslim threat, you are Islamophobic.
    If you want immigrants to follow the law when they immigrate, you must be racist.

    I don’t get it.

  7. Em, if we shouldn’t be afraid of stabbings, why are they so afraid of AR15s? There are FAR more stabbings each year than shootings with an AR15.

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