Only a dog for home protection?

This seen in Twitter:

For a good part of my life, I had dogs. Not little cute fuzzballs but “working dogs”: German Shepherds, Belgian Malinois and Dobermans.  And never just one but the usual was three. And they were trained to attack intruder, not just bark at them.

Here is the truth: Dogs at best are roving alarm systems who may delay an incursion in your property by determined individuals. They can be poisoned, shot, scared, incapacitated, etc and your luck resides if you are smart enough to hear and translate a yelp or heaves into danger.

We don’t have a dog now because the missus and I agree to only have one of the above-mentioned or other large dog and our location does not have the backyard to support such animal. But as much as I loved all my dogs, I never thought for a second they were invincible knights that would take on all comers. The poor woman is deluded, but it is her life and may God keep her safe.



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  1. So “EdgyMom” bought a dog to fend off Dana and NRA members? I’m an NRA Endowment Member. Does she want me to shoot her dog? Because I really like dogs, and I have no interest in harming her dog. Or her. Or breaking into her house. Or visiting for a cup of coffee. Or having any interaction with her at all.

    1. Maybe she thinks the NRA will break into her house and leave a safe full of AR-15’s and Glocks. The next thing you know, that scary evil gun radiation will cause her (like oh so many woke people) to do something stupid with a gun.

      1. Man I’m a life member and the NRA has yet to break into my house and leave behind a safe full of ars and Glocks….

        There’s no Justice in this world!

  2. Worked in the 3rd world for almost 20 years, and have some experience with GSD’s. Short version- if you depend on one as your sole security system, you are fooling yourself.
    Longer version- unless the dog has undergone serious training, it may or may not attack intruders. One big dog I know of just sat on the porch wagging her tail as a group of criminals were prying off the bars of a house*. The dog may even try to hide from the bad people.

    Even if the dog is trained to attack, there’s always the old trick of throwing poisoned bits of meat to the dog. Serious guard dogs should be trained to eat on command.

    *My friends were able to scare them off.

  3. Also unlike guns, Dogs do occasionally “Just Go off”. We’ve seen the videos and blog posts of guys who have had an ND and injured themselves, they always say “I made a mistake” or “I shouldn’t have done that”.

    Meanwhile there are lots of people who were doing nothing unsafe who were severely injured by a dog.

    Nothing WRONG with dogs, but they are in fact living creatures with their own free will, unlike my guns which are tools.

  4. Let’s hypothesize that her dog is a fearless, ferocious, man-killer. Will EdgyMom be okay with her pet ripping the throat out of an intruder? Biting down to bone? Mauling the home invader beyond recognition?

    I bet she would be just as squeamish about that result versus the use of a firearm. I suspect that she just wants the dog to the dirty work for her so she does not have to do the messy business of defending herself.

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