The media says it’s OK to burn the Jews

The media and Hollywood celebrities have continued to lose their fucking minds over the fact that the Jews won’t just roll over and play dead when Hamas tries to invade their country and kill them.

Apparently mainlining open borders ideology has so destroyed their brains so much that they think Israel should allow itself to be wiped out by Islamist terrorists.

The rule of thumb for the Progressive/Liberal/Social Justice/far Left is “the only good Jew is a dead Jewish victim.”  God forbid the Jews defend themselves against Islamic terrorist POCs, that’s racist.

First was CNN with this stupid ass statement:

The “protesters” in Gaza were “unarmed” but were using burning tires and incendiary kites to attack Israel.

Chelsea Handler was obviously drunk by noon given the quality of her midday Twitter rage.

But earlier in the day, while she was still at least partially sober, sot into this Twitter argument.

So between CNN and Chelsea Handler, what I learned is that if someone tries to light you on fire with burning gasoline, it is bad for you to shoot them because incendiary devises are not a match for firearms.

You shouldn’t shoot someone in self defense if they try to light you on fire.

I wonder if Chelsea’s body guards got the memo?

I can’t imagine how bad being burned to death must hurt.

From the medical publication The Journal of Pain:

 Not only is acute burn injury  pain a source of immense suffering, but it has been linked to debilitating chronic pain and stress-related disorders. Although pain management guidelines and protocols have been developed and implemented, unrelieved moderate-to severe pain continues to be reported after burn injury. One reason for this is that the intensity of pain associated with wound care and rehabilitation therapy, the major source of severe pain in this patient population, varies widely over the 3 phases of burn recovery, making it difficult to estimate analgesic requirements.”

So burning someone alive not just hurts beyond all imagination, but the result is permanent debilitating pain because the recovery is so traumatic.

But that doesn’t justify shooting the person that is trying to douse you in flaming gasoline.

Even Gazans admit that they want to burn the Jews alive.

But still, trying to burn the Jews to death isn’t a reason for them to shoot you with *gasp* assault rifles.

It’s good to know that CNN and Chelsea Handler agree with Hamas, it’s totally cool to burn the Jews alive.  Shooting the terrorists who try to kill you with burning tires, Molotov cocktails, and incendiary devices is not cool.



6 Replies to “The media says it’s OK to burn the Jews”

  1. Hamas could have people rolling up to the border in tanks and the left would still be calling them “unarmed protesters”.

  2. It mentions a dead baby….I wonder what its position is on planned parenting abotion? (It = handler). Unarmmed does NOT mean undangerous. I am sick and tired of that crap..

  3. I think I see an option here that the media/celebrity douchebags would like: Israel needs to use napalm on the “protestors.” Fire good, guns bad, got it. Send napalm. Then both sides can be “unarmed.”

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