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Adam Putnam is running for Governor or Florida.  What I’ve read about him, I like him.  He’s the current FL Commissioner of Agriculture, so his name is on my FL CCW permit.  The FL CCW system is also the best run program in the state.

He’s very pro vocational and skilled labor education, which is something that I care deeply about.

The “New South” is all about manufacturing.  While this may be anathema to the Miami-Date through West Palm Beach area, this would be huge to northern Florida the way it is to Alabama and Georgia.

He’s being supported by Publix.

The Florida supermarket giant Publix has given more money to Adam Putnam’s gubernatorial bid than any other candidate since at least 1995 and likely for the entirety of the company’s history.

Putnam, like Publix, is a product of Polk County. He hails from Bartow, just 20 minutes from Publix’s headquarters in Lakeland — which company officials say is a factor in their support for him.

“As the hometown candidate, Publix has had a long-standing relationship with Commissioner Putnam,” spokesman Brian West said. “We support pro-business candidates, and believe Commissioner Putnam will make a great governor.”

Furthermore, Publix is a supporter of Florida agriculture, sourcing a lot of produce locally, and Putnam is the Ag Commissioner.

Putnam is also apparently pro gun.  This has resulted in, as you guessed it, an attack on Publix by the Twitter mob.

Even the serial liar and terrible person Fabiola Santiago of the Miami Herald got in on this anti Publix hate.

So now Publix is backing away and “clarifying it’s position.”

Publix distanced itself from the National Rifle Association on Tuesday in posts on social media after facing backlash for donations to Republican gubernatorial candidate Adam Putnam.

After drawing criticism for its support of Putnam, Publix’s verified account tweeted that “When we are deciding which candidate to financially support during an election, we consider a number of factors. Publix has not provided financial support to the National Rifle Association.”

I’m not taking that as an anti-gun or anti-NRA position.  They don’t want to be involved in the gun debate and that’s fine by me.

They want to support someone that is pro-business and pro-agriculture.

The problem is that we all know that is not good enough for the antis.  They will press it.  You can’t support a candidate who is pro-gun for any reason.  You can’t just say “no comment” on guns.  They will only accept total acquiescence to their anti-gun beliefs.

Don’t let them win.

Go to Publix.  Buy a deli sandwich (my favorite is the Cubano and ask them to make it with the Mojo pork instead of the deli pork) or some hot wings (the best supermarket deli fried chicken) or some ham croquetas (seriously good), and when you get the receipt, go online and do the survey and tell them that you are pro-NRA and for Publix not to back down to the antis.

If you don’t sport Putnam, that’s fine.  This isn’t so much about him as showing Publix that they shouldn’t fold to the antis.

The antis love to boycott.  I have a feeling Publix will listen to paying customers a lot more than Activist Barbie moms in Colorado, 1,200 miles from the nearest Publix.

3 Replies to “Get a sandwich at Publix”

  1. Love Publix. Shop there at least once a week.
    I’ll certainly let them know to never bend over for the progtards on something as important as supporting a good candidate for FL governor.

  2. “When we are deciding which candidate to financially support during an election, we consider a number of factors. Publix has not provided financial support to the National Rifle Association.”

    Good answer. Not quite strong enough in my book, but good enough.

    I do have one question for the SJWs.
    Where in the world are they going to find these perfect candidates who will never do anything, or support a position they disagree with?
    Does that idiot in NM who is making an enemy of every NRA member in the state have no issues or opinions that are in conflict with the SJWs? (HINT: Not a chance) If a local business backs him, but does not have transgender specific restrooms, is that boycott time?

    At this rate, the SJWs will be boycotting everything for no reason whatsoever.

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