I’m disappointed in Tucker

Mitch commented in my post on New Mexico Congressional hopeful, Pat Davis “Tucker Carlson absolutely destroyed this ass hat on prime time just now!!!

Here’s the video.  No he didn’t.

First of all, I don’t give a shit that Davis said “fuck” in a campaign ad.  Maybe it’s because I’m a millennial, but that doesn’t bother me.  In the words of Vice President Joe Biden “big fucking deal.”

What bothers me, and what Tucker really doesn’t take him to account for is the intention of “fuck the NRA.”

This smarmy shit-weasel is lives to demonize the people who are not committing the crimes.

All we really want as law abiding gun owners is to be left the fuck alone.  That’s it.  Let us buy and own what we want and shoot and enjoy our hobbies, trusted as law abiding American citizens that we won’t hurt anybody.

But no, this guy and his cum-guzzling smirk can’t leave us alone.

What is worse is that he is a former cop.  He has been on the front lines of war on crime and it’s not the gang member or the drug dealer that he wants crush under the boot heel of the law.  It’s some guy at Cabela’s who just wants to buy an AR for fun or home defense or whatever.

THAT GUY, in the middle class suburbs with the SUV and the mortgage, who pays his taxes and obeys the law is this asshole’s enemy.

That is fucking horrifying.

This isn’t about stopping crime.  It’s not about preventing another mass shooting.  It is simply that he hates people who like guns and he’s going to use his authority to try and criminalize them and make them miserable.

Worrying about the rudeness of an ad is pointless in the age of the social media whore and celebutante.  When some teenage girl who belongs in prison  or perhaps the morgue, turns into a millionaire rapper and reality TV persona because of a viral video of her abusing her mother on Dr. Phil; saying “fuck” in an ad is so mild it’s practically anodyne.

What should be the focus of ceaseless attack is why a former cop wants to collectively punish millions of law abiding American citizens and strip them of their rights.

2 Replies to “I’m disappointed in Tucker”

  1. “This isn’t about stopping crime. It’s not about preventing another mass shooting. It is simply that he hates people who like guns and he’s going to use his authority to try and criminalize them and make them miserable.”

    Nope, it isn’t simply that he hates people who like guns — it’s simply that he loves power. Getting rid of guns is solely one brick in the wall of power over others.

  2. What irritates me is how stupid anti-gunners are. I got on a cashe of old emails that I posted in 2015 and 2016. I could have posted them today and they fit in today’s idiotic remarks of the LEFT. You know, they got a little bit order but they got a lot dumber. For the life of me, I can’t understand how their warped thinking got them this far in life.
    Don’t you people realize how stupid that makes you sound. You received your knowledge from CORE subjects, I can understand. Did you do pro & con as a child? Why don’t you try it with guns as the subject. Try to discuss this with an open mind, NOT AS A LEFTIST OR DEMOCRAT! You are selling yourself short. Think for yourself and you’ll see how great.it feels Don’t be a lemming and follow the crowd blindly. Have an opinion! Say your prayers!

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