Mr. George says you should carry a knife

I was going through the Publix Twitter to see if there was anything related to the Adam Putnam issue and I saw this old Tweet.

This is the story, relavent section in bold:

It was 4 p.m. on just another Wednesday, and Andy Harvey was on I-95 headed to his last delivery for the day. This day seemed no different than any other. Andy was delivering dairy items to Publix stores, which was his same route for nearly 10 years.

When he reached Daytona Beach, Florida near the I-95 and LPGA interchange, Andy noticed a car swerving ahead in the distance. Not even a couple of miles later, he saw the car veer off the road and go straight into a retention pond on the side of the highway.

Andy pulled off the freeway and jumped into action to try and save the motorist. Andy said he did what anybody else would’ve done in that situation. “I saw somebody in need of help and knew what I had to do.” Andy jumped out of his 18-wheeler and leaped into the retention pond followed by another motorist who came to help after witnessing the accident. Andy used his box cutter as well as a pocket knife to cut the convertible top and the motorist’s seat belt so he could pull the driver out of the vehicle to safety!

It was determined by the paramedics that the driver of the vehicle experienced a seizure and passed out. Had Andy and the other driver who jumped in not been around to help, the driver wouldn’t have made it out of the pond alive.

Miguel has said it before, I’ll say it again: carry a knife!



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