The need for sustenance.

Although my pile of unread books still sits high, I felt the need to revisit books that I had enjoyed in the past. The one I selected was Homicide: A Year on the Killing Streets by David Simon.

But even the most faithful, now and again needs to revisit the an old friend that gives them solace and hope. So, I pulled out that Old Friend in soft cover edition.


Still amazed at the asking prices for a new hardback copy.

Paperbacks are going for about $100 less.

Let’s hope the new editions come out soon.  One thing: If you buy any version when it comes out, keep a receipt: take a picture, scan, screen cap, etc. There may be a small raffle coming your way.

5 Replies to “The need for sustenance.”

  1. This is one of those books i want to purchase face to face, or get ePub by encrypted file. I am dead certain such literature is tracked and on a red flag protocol.

    1. Then again, if enough people generate enough red flags, the signal to noise ratio will be shot all to hell.
      This is why some of my friends like to put an assortment of red flag phrases in the .signature string at the bottom of every email.

  2. I’ll buy it if it ever comes back into print, so at least some of the purchase will go to the author. Until then I’ll stick with a PDF download.

  3. If you only want to read it, inter-library loan is a wonderful thing. If you want to read it over and over, there’s a pdf floating about on line. The ocr isn’t perfect, but it’s plenty good enough for the purpose. If Miguel is interested, I could contribute it to his archive of pdf files. It’s about 13.6 Mb, which should be under the threshhold for emailing.

    I prefer John Ross’s fictional future to Kurt Schlicter’s, but I fear the latter is more likely.

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