Humanizing MS-13 as part of the Trump Derangement Syndrome. (Graphic Content)

There is another Fake Media screw up in progress about purposely selecting a quote from President Trump about the MS-13 gang members and applying it to all illegal immigrants.  Of course, it could not last long and the emergency correction and excuse brigade had to come out to save the Narrative.

Just because they have a similar genetic mark up as decent law-abiding citizens, it does not make them innocent, naïve and misunderstood by society. MS-14 is a barbaric gang that will stop and stoop down to nothing to get what they want. The might be “humans” but there is nothing humane about them.

The problem is that US Media likes to sanitize their output as not to offend delicate sensitivities. I am not them and I enjoy offending delicate sensitivities for educational purposes.

14 dead during a soccer game in El Salvador. Maras fighting each other.

Forensic pathologist recover 8 bodies. victims of MS-13. They think they will find up to 15 bodies.


Announcing the arrest of a MS-13 “beast” who murdered 4 and wounded 3 in Mexico.


Seven dead (one of them an 8 year-old boy) and 12 wounded when MS-13 attempts to rescue a member from a hospital in Guatemala. Watch the video and look at the panicked faces of the hospital personnel.

Same hospital attack. The bodies of a Corrections’ officer and a civilian bystander killed by MS-13.


MS-13 attack shoots one  bus and kills one man and two kids. In order to escape from authorities, they stopped another bus, poured gasoline on it and set it on fire: 15 people burned to death.


According to the source, these individuals crossed the local MS-13 gang.


And a “touching” and “humane” picture of MS-13 daddy having a bonding moment with his kid.

Now the bad news: MS-13 is already well entrenched in the US. So far they have been smart and only attack Illegal Immigrants who will not go to the authorities. And since they are somewhat “tidy” when they can and bury bodies, we cannot be sure how many murders have occurred.

But let’s make sure we give them a warm hug and buy them kombucha when they come calling.

10 Replies to “Humanizing MS-13 as part of the Trump Derangement Syndrome. (Graphic Content)”

  1. Harwood probably thinks ISIS, Khmer Rouge and Boko Haram are human beings as well. Just as rabid dogs are not cute puppies, MS-13 and the above examples of filth are not human beings (except genetically) and deserve the same treatment afforded to rabid dogs or NAZI war criminals.

  2. Just like with Hamas, the progtards politikritters and MSM DON”T HAVE A F***ING CLUE of what they’re talking about when it comes to MS-13 and the barbarities they commit everyday.
    I think that Trump insults animals everywhere by comparing them to MS-13 gangeros. Animals don’t do to their fellow animals what MS-13 does to people.

  3. I have these shits living within a few miles of my house. Of course the local media doesn’t mention them but I’m ready to give them a lead welcoming.

  4. I think it’s projection to a degree. They defend these monsters because they would do the same themselves to us if they had the power to do so. Part of the reason they want us disarmed.

    1. They defend these monsters in order to make an alliance with them to get out the vote, intimidate the local population, and assault and/or kill their enemies. It’s the Chicago way just with a spanish accent.

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