4 Replies to “I trained to face Devil Hounds and Mastiffs.”

  1. How does one die to ankle biters? If they get to nippy you can just punt them out far enough to not be a problem. Even if they were a mix with slightly larger dogs this still seems off.

    condolences to the family, but really, learn how to take care of yourself.

  2. “Dachshund” means “badger hound”. Badgers are notoriously fierce, and dachshunds have enough guts to go face those critters inside their burrows.

    That’s a sad story. It certainly shows that some small critters are a lot more dangerous than others of the same size.

  3. One daschhund is not a problem, a pack of six or seven is a big problem. Just like one person is not a major problem, but a mob is a BIG Problem. Doesn’t matter if is a pack of dogs, a swarm of African bees, a troop of baboons, or a riotous mob. The only things you can do are run, hide, or hope you have the firepower and distance to stop them.

  4. Wasn’t there some internet test out a few years ago about how many 5 year olds it would take to kick your ass?

    Oh… bummer, that’s a buzzfeed site, and I refuse to give them the clicks.

    Here, in a similar vein:

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