Magnum P.I. remake? Pass.

I tried to like it. I understand it is for a new generation of Millennials, things are different and forced myself to “give it a shot.” I even went for the Lady Higgins, specially because she has the Dobermanns and seems to embody the old Higgins.

But this?

They destroyed Robin 1.

You do not destroy Robin 1 as it is iconic, it was very much a part of the original show’s identity. They just decided to go ahead and piss on the old series.


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  1. Dude, Tom Selleck is still alive, and while he might be 70+, hey come on, can’t he resume his Magnum role for one last hurrah? I don’t buy this new dude being Magnum — he doesn’t have the gravitas that Selleck has.

    This new Magnum reboot seems to be following the Star Wars/Star Trek/Ghostbusters trend of finding an old franchise and destroying key elements of it.

    1. No, just over the top ridiculous CGI.

      Forget plots, forget characters, forget plausibility. Give them a smash bang action scene to distract everyone from the holes in the plot, and vapid characters.

      It often works.

  2. No wonder Hawaii is having volcanic explosions. Even Pele the Fire Goddess was like “no, fuck that noise, they’re not getting a second season.”

  3. That is sad. Magnum PI was iconic for me. It was required viewing after volleyball practice during the week. I have the boxed set of DVDs. I wanted to go to Hawaii for my 25th anniversary just so i could rent a Ferrari and drive around. This just looks wrong. next they will have ‘sexual tension’ between Magnum and Higgins. And Phil is right, the new guy just doesn’t have the gravitas to pull this off.

  4. This is the fifth “reboot” for CBS. They are also rebooting Murphy Brown, just like NBC did Will and Grace. Add in Hawaii 5-0′, MacGyver, and something else forgettable.

    This is as bad as the rest of Hollywood. Aren’t they on the fifth reboot of Spiderman and the third for the Hulk?

    Maybe they should bring back Father Knows Best instead?

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