MSNBC supports rape culture

CNN quoted President Donald Trump in a statement he made about MS-13.

Andrea Mitchell of MSNBC is so afflicted with Trump Derangement Syndrome that she has situational deafness and only heard what confirmed her prejudice.

Here is the problem.

MS-13 is evil.  The motto of the gang is is “mata, viola, controla” which translates as “kill, rape, control.”

Part of the problem is El Salvador’s horrifying culture of gang rape.”

SAN SALVADOR, El Salvador — In a country terrorized by gangsters, it is left to the dead to break the silence on sexual violence.

Rather, to the bodies of dead women and girls pulled from clandestine graves. Raped, battered and sometimes cut to pieces, they attest to the sadistic abuse committed by members of street gangs.

Wanton violence along with rape is part of MS-13’s signature.

Criminologist Israel Ticas, who digs up clandestine graves for the Attorney General’s Office, says more than half of the 90 sites he has excavated in the last 12 years have contained the remains of murdered women and girls. “For sure there are hundreds of these cases and maybe thousands out there,” Ticas said.

His field notes, augmented by interviews with protected witnesses, provide a window into the underworld of abuse. He randomly selects a case from one of his journals:

“7 June 2013 in Santa Tecla, the girlfriend of a gang member recruited two friends to go to a party. The gangsters suspected that one of the girls betrayed them, talking to a rival gang. Eight men raped the girls. First two were killed with multiple knife wounds. The third was held for 24 hours while they asked for ransom, but when they couldn’t get the money they killed her, too. The three were dismembered. They were 12, 13 and 14 years old.”

MS-13 uses rape and dismemberment as terror tactics to expand their influence.

“Its weapon of choice is the machete.”

In September 2016, the murders of two teenage girls brought the horror of that violence to national attention.

Kayla Cuevas and her best friend, Nisa Mickens, were killed as they walked home on a residential street.

Nisa’s mother, Elizabeth Alvarado, described in brief but harrowing detail that her basketball-loving daughter was stabbed in the back with a machete.

The more graphic the violence the better.

MS-13 gang beheads, dismembers man in Maryland park; teen charged with murder

A teen has been charged with first-degree murder Wednesday in connection an MS-13 gang-related killing of a man who was lured to a Maryland park, choked, stabbed 100 times, decapitated and dismembered, according to police and multiple news reports.

The victim, who was lured to Wheaton Regional Park in Montgomery County, has not been identified, although police said they suspect he may be from Annapolis.

Montgomery County police said the victim’s body was located in a grave at the park, at 11715 Orebaugh Ave., on Sept. 5.

An informant told police that as many as 10 MS-13 gang members “ripped his heart from his chest and threw it into the grave they dug for him,” NBC 4 reported.

MS-13 members prefer their victims young.

El Salvador’s Gangs Are Targeting Young Girls

The gang uses rape, especially gang rape, as well as murder to initiate young men into the gang.

The petite young woman was a 16-year-old Laurel High School student three years ago when she decided to skip classes one day to join two other girls at a party at a Hyattsville apartment.

At the party, she said, Oscar Ramos “Casper” Velasquez took her into a bedroom, where he kissed her and told her that if she didn’t have sex with him, as many as 15 other teenagers and young men at the gathering would have sex with her.

When she resisted, two more young men entered the room, the woman told jurors yesterday in federal court. One man threw her on the bed and choked her, the other held down her arms and “Oscar pulled out a gun,” she testified.

“He put it to my head, and he said if I didn’t shut up, he was going to kill me,” the woman told jurors.

Eight men raped her, the 19-year-old woman said. Two assaulted her simultaneously. Outside the room, she said, she heard one man say, “Five minutes each.”‘

MS-13 is known for extreme violence towards innocent people.

Stabbing others became something very normal for me. So did shaking people down. At the beginning I felt bad but then I got comfortable with my emotions.

We knew when people who worked in the vineyards or farms would get their paychecks and we went after their cash. They usually got paid on a Friday, and I got really good at sticking a knife in their back or pointing a gun if they were in their car at a stop sign.

If there was a party going on somewhere, we would crash it. We would bring our machetes, sometimes guns and take everyone’s money. It was always about getting the money. But we’d also take their food, their drinks. And if anyone ever looked at us the wrong way, we’d beat them up.

If people owed us money, 20 to 30 guys would go to their house and we would break down their door. I can’t tell you how many times I participated in something like this. We’d go in and whoever was at home would take a beating. If the person in question wasn’t there, we would beat up their family. It didn’t matter if they had children. We would beat them too.

The gang has their own detectives, so if you don’t cooperate, they will find and kill your family in El Salvador, or Honduras or any other place. Or they will rape your daughters, girlfriends, sisters.

If a father doesn’t want to cooperate with us, they will do something to his daughter. I never raped anyone, but others did. If a gang member was interested in a girl he saw, he would rape her and claim her as property.

Yeah, they are pretty fucking horrible.

This is what Trump derangement syndrome does.

Trump moves the US Embassy to Jerusalem, the historic capital of the Jewish people, in accordance with a 1995 law.  The media with TDS figures how to take a Hamas led attempted incursion into Israel and turn Hamas into the victims and Israel into the bag guys.

Trump says we need to crack down on MS-13 because they are so violent the “are animals.”  The media with TDS rush to defend a violent street gang known for gang raping young girls and murdering people in the more horrible ways imaginable.

Congratulations MSNBC, you are now officially defending a culture of rape at knife point.



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  1. I have these shits living within a few miles of my house. Of course the local media doesn’t mention them but I’m ready to give them a lead welcoming.

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