Why are antis so violent – Kent State Edition

Kaitlin Marie is a graduate of Kent State and a campus carry advocate.

After graduation she decided to take a few pics of her with her rifle on campus, all legal.

*I should note that I’m not a fan of this type of open carry.  I have my reasons.  But it’s her right and I’m not going stop her.

Some of the responses were exactly what you would expect – assuming  you, like me, have little faith in the humanity of some people.

Why is she dumb?  Oh yeah, the “everybody that disagrees with me is stupid” argument.

Oh look, the “gun owners are racists” trope.  Double down with the “the  only reason to own an assault rifle is to murder a lot of people” trope.  A twofer of fictitious bullshit.

I loathe The Purge.  It is the worst anti Right strawman/far Left projection that I’ve ever seen.  The whole premise is “if we let conservatives do what they want, they’d murder everybody who isn’t rich and white.”  Except that historically, is it the far left that murders everybody they disagree with.

Marie seems to own her rifle for the same reason I own mine.  Because I want to be left the fuck alone.  FADE here seems to want to kill everyone she doesn’t like and thinks everybody else is out to do the same.

This screen grab post by Marie is by far the most telling.

Nothing demonstrates the moral superiority of the anti gun side than threatening to bash a woman’s brains in with your are fists because you disagree with her politics.

Marie: “I have a rifle to defend myself.”

Antis: “You don’t need a gun and I’ll beat you to death to prove it.”

The more these assholes open their mouths, the more they prove why we need guns.

5 Replies to “Why are antis so violent – Kent State Edition”

  1. “If i ever saw u id beat the shit out of u no need for a gun just my fist knocking some sense into ur brainless ass”

    Sounds like @dyllamamama may have a death-wish. I’m sure her (his, xer their?) surviving family will protest the disparity of force and that there was no reason to actually kill the aspiring rap artist who was turning her (his, xer their?) life around.

  2. Oh Man. I don’t know if it was all of those armed IDF chica photos that did it, but women plus long guns is not unattractive.

    She’s got a nice equipment. I like the rifle too.

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