An extra shot of Starbucks: When the sharks smell blood…

… they come for the killing.

I don’t patronize Starbucks. My consumption of coffee is directly related to caffeine intake and not decorative sprinkles and fake milk added to overpriced burnt coffee. I live in Miami so if I want something to pep me up, I go to the window of a cafeteria and for a buck and a half I purchase enough caffeine to kept a squad wake for 48 hours.

I make that explanation because I was unaware that you could get refills of your brew. What you are about to see is one customer demanding a refill on a video that is clearly a set up.  I am dreary suspicious of these outrage videos popping all over YouTube, but this one is great: The guy admits that he bought the coffee at 4 am, many hours before this happening and still demands his refill.


Starbuck’s policy is clear regarding refills:

Once you leave the store, your visit has ended and any subsequent coffee or tea refill thereafter would be considered a new purchase. Refills are not available in the Drive Thru

This harassment to Starbucks employees is the fault of a politically weak corporate office. You can almost see the face of the complainer sport a hint of douchebaggery as he is trying to tell us “I am just trying to fuck with these people and get free shit. Do you like my fancy and expensive sunglasses?”

Starbucks is gonna be assaulted by tens of thousands of assholes trying to score free stuff or 30 seconds of fame in YouTube. How much their bottom line is gonna be affected by this? No idea, but the brand will continue to get hit for a while. Stupid can be unforgiving.

By the way, dear douchebags, do not try to pull this stunt on a Cuban cafeteria. Being chased down the street by a pissed off Cubana sporting a machete is great in the adrenalin but sucks for your health overall.

Seriously people, get a Keurig, get a Nespresso, learn to make your own coffee, save money and an assault on your common sense and olfactory system.

5 Replies to “An extra shot of Starbucks: When the sharks smell blood…”

  1. I tried starbucks once or twice and the coffee was burnt and bitter tasting. Same thing with most others as they think that’s a good thin. Screw’em I’ll stick with my old fashioned peculator. It may not be fancy and do the latte crap, but it’s good coffee that I can damn near stand my spoon up in. Thanks MCPO Baum!

  2. We’re both lucky to live in Miami. The worst ventanita (little window) will outdo the best Starbucks has to offer. But if you seek a more interesting coffee experience, try Pasión del Cielo, locally owned and offering an amazing selection of beans from around the world, listed from mildest to strongest. The focus is on the java, not the frou-frou crap as Starbucks.
    BTW, I have Nespresso at home, and you’re right.

  3. Re Starbucks’ coffe, eh. The combination of convenience (order ahead) and being the only game in town means I patronize them more than I would like, especially when I have an offsite meeting and need to be on the road early.

    I still think they’re going to be at least partially replaced by automation in the next decade or so.

    Regardless, nobody deserves this kind of treatment, especially when you’re just trying to do your job. One reason I never had a job directly serving the public … the 1-10% “asshole fraction” would have me quitting or fired in a week.


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