Outlook for the 2018 Hurricane Season (A.K.A. we are guessing)

10 to 16 Named Storms: That is over a plus/minus 50 % margin of error.

5 to 9 hurricanes, over 90% margin of error.

1 to 4 major hurricanes comes to 300% margin of error.

It is just a guessing game. The only thing for sure is that one storm will happen.

What we know is that chances for hurricanes become more prominent staring in June and die come November. How many is a guess and you only need to be prepared for the one that hits land. Praying that does not happen cost you nothing.

3 Replies to “Outlook for the 2018 Hurricane Season (A.K.A. we are guessing)”

  1. At the same time, we are supposed to believe that they can forecast climate change a century from now to within a tenth of a degree.


  2. Not that politics ever has anything to do with disaster relief, but be glad you live in a state with a Republican Governor. The Republican Governors just seem to have a better track record in hurricane responses. Although the Democrats can now blame their emergency response failures on President Trump, just like they blamed President George W. Bush for Katrina.


  3. Short term (around a week) weather forecasting has gotten much better over th last fifty years, largely due to satellite data. Longer term is more akin to reading tea leaves or auguring entrails.



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