Weird Glock Malfunction.

A West Carrollton police officer’s accidental shooting of himself at a Franklin firing range is being attributed to his gun malfunctioning, authorities said.
The May 4 firing range accident occurred after a safety feature on the officer’s Glock failed, said West Carrollton Deputy Police Chief David Wessling.
“There’s a pin in the triggers of Glocks that keeps the safety in place, and the pin had actually worked itself out to the side of the gun to the point that it was sticking out far enough that when he stuck (the gun) in the holster, the pin caught the edge of the holster and pulled the trigger back,” Wessling said.
“That’s nothing that you would ever expect to happen,” he said.
The officer was wounded in the calf area and in the foot on his right side, Wessling said

Glock glitch: Local police officer’s accidental shooting blamed on gun

First time I heard of something like this. Not being a Glock Fanboi, I should probably be nodding at the possibility, but I know there is the distinct possibility of somebody screwing around with the trigger group because they read something in the internet.

If anybody has heard about a similar experience, let us know in the comments.

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4 Replies to “Weird Glock Malfunction.”

  1. Wait, doesn’t that pin they’re talking about (I’m assuming its the one that holds the trigger safety in the trigger) work as a pivot point for the trigger safety? How can pressure on it cause the striker to drop?

  2. If I had a Glock I would test this, but I don’t so I’ll have to wait for someone who does.
    It sure sounds fishy. Doesn’t the Glock trigger have a little lever in it that has to be depressed to allow it to fire? Given that, even if this hypothetical pin could hypothetically pull the trigger, it would not depress the trigger safety lever.
    My bet is that this is a finger-on-the-trigger operator malfunction.

  3. I’ll have to check when I get home, but the trigger safety pin shouldn’t be able to move the trigger like that.

    I’m 80% convinced this is an “only one qualified enough to use this” issue.

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