General David Hogg

David Hogg Tweeted this:

I am no defender of the alt-right, but  in 2018, “alt-right” means anybody to the right of Bernie Sanders.  When Ben Shapiro, Charles Krauthammer, and Brit Hume get called alt-right, you know it’s meaningless.

So this is really just an anti-Republican/anti-Conservative/anti-gun owner thing.

It seems so fitting that David Hogg wishes to fight us on the internet.  He is a social media internet tough guy.  For him a war is getting a bunch of people to harass a person or a business on Twitter.

He and his army of followers have soft hands, used to holding nothing more than a smart phone.

He knows that there are 150 million Americans who own 400 million guns and he intends to defeat us by pressing “send.”

This is just sad.

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