Hogg and the law of unintended consequences

Remember yesterday how David Hogg got Publix to stop making political donations?

Today I saw this Tweet.

I LOVE this.  Funding Planned Parenthood is a tenant of feminism like praying five times a day is to Islam.  Now Publix can’t do that either.

BTW:  This is why I believe companies should stay politics neutral.

I wonder how the Woman’s March is going to deal with him now?

This might be what ends his 15 minutes of fame.


6 Replies to “Hogg and the law of unintended consequences”

  1. Calling for boycott, legal.
    Hold in a sit-in, trespassing and interfering with business, illegal.
    Demanding store pay him / his organization after the sit-in… Sounds like extortion to me, probably illegal.
    Investigate, arrest, and prosecute!

    1. Threatening trespass and interference with business if they continue a legal relationship with an individual (even a politician): tortious interference.

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