The great MEME war of 2018

I figured I would take a look at Hogg’s meme war against us.

Already that Twitter thread is filled with absolute shit and the people on his side are retarded.

The “oops not legal” thing is a lawn dart.  I hate this meme and the guy who made it – and the people who have been saying this for years – are fucking stupid.

Remember, law darts were banned by the Consumer Product Safety Commission and not Congress.  There is no Constitutional right to possess lawn darts.

Beyond all that, is one issue: intent.  A gun is a weapon.  It is designed to kill.  Some are used for target shooting but the sporting purpose is down stream of the fact that the first firearms were weapons.  The whole purpose to own one is to kill.  We trust trust people to use that power responsibly, only to kill in self defense.  But ever time a person picks up a gun, they should know that they are holding a weapon and to treat it accordingly.

Lawn darts are a toy.  They were never designed with the intent to hurt people.  But children where injured when the were hit in the head with lawn darts.  They were terrible accidents and so the CPSC decided to have them banned because people though they were going to have a fun game in the back yard and instead a child suffered brain damage.

Not being able to tell the difference between those two positions is why the UK is banning pie servers.

Because an inanimate object is the same as a venomous sentient creature.

This guy is a fucking moron.

Insulting 48% of Americans as incestuous while advocating for violence against women.  This is very classy.

This is what we are up against, people’s whose hatred is only exceeded by their ignorance.

If this is an example of the best and brightest of Hogg’s army, they are all human sewage.

5 Replies to “The great MEME war of 2018”

  1. Re no constitutional right to own lawn darts — I would argue there is. The Federal government has no authority to ban lawn darts; the Federal government has no Constitutional authority to operate a CPSC.


  2. Yeah, the wonderful thing about NeverTrumpers- on BOTH sides- Is they never seem to understand that there WILL be another election and that they WILL want the people they’re maligning now to vote their way later.



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