I am a monster and I don’t care – Manning edition

A comment was left in my last post with a link to This Ain’t Hell about Chelsea Manning.

Supposedly Manning tweeted a suicide cry for help, which has since been deleted.  The Gateway Pundit also has the news.

I am copying the images because the original Tweets are gone.

Here is the thought that popped into my mind when I saw the second Tweet.

Insurance Rep: “Hello. this is Allstate, how can I help you?”

Guy with the red car: “My car is totaled.”

Insruance rep: “Oh no, how did that happen?”

Guy: “The tranny broke.”


Yeah, I know, that’s mean as fuck.  I don’t give a shit.

First of all, he was a “cold dead handser,” i.e.: “If you want me to pry your guns from your cold dead hands, I will.”  So he has wished for my death plenty of times in the past.

Second, his leaking caused the deaths of informants and special operatives on our side of the war.

On this memorial day I am sure there are at least a few families who would have smiled at the idea of what’s left of Bradley Manning being hosed into a gutter by an apartment building’s janitor.

I’ve said it before and I’ve said it again, the British used to do this right.  When a soldier in a unit committed an act of treason, he was stood up before a firing squad comprised of his own unit.  The men the traitor betrayed had the honor of shooting him.

The fact that Manning came out of the Middle East alive is something I will never understand.

That that Obama pardoned him is unforgivable.

Bradley Manning’s celebrity status is the prime example of everything that is wrong with the Left and why I want a national divorce.

15 Replies to “I am a monster and I don’t care – Manning edition”

  1. Huh. Mentally ill man threatens suicide. Mentally ill man with a particular delusion that has an astronomically high suicide rate — and gets higher the more their delusion is entertained — threatens suicide.

    Had he done it, he would have locked up the primary run, and possibly the general election as well.

  2. Wouldn’t that tweet constitute sufficient evidence of potential harm to self to have this person/thing forcibly committed?

  3. “im not really cut out for this world”

    You committed treason, have been able to avoid the consequences of those actions due to an equally treasonous President, you’re mentally ill, and you are universally praised by other mentally ill people (Liberals) precisely because of your treason and insanity. You’re perfect for the contemporary world “Chealsea”.

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