Armed Robber gets shot from Drive-Thru window.

SANTA ANA, Calif. — A civilian shot a suspected armed robber after witnessing the robbery while in the drive-thru lane at a restaurant.
On Saturday, police said 60-year-old Steve Rodriguez, who was masked, entered the restaurant with a black revolver and demanded money from the employees, CBS Los Angeles reports. Police said a drive-thru customer in a Honda Accord was stopped in the restaurant’s drive-thru lane by the window and witnessed the robbery happening.
Police said someone in the Accord shot the robber twice in the upper torso before he managed to flee from the scene

Video: Restaurant customer shoots armed robber through drive-thru window

This one is a bit eerie for me, allow me to explain. I am trying to constantly run the “What happens if…?” game when I am out of the house.  What if there is an armed robbery when I am buying groceries at this particular Publix? What if there is a man coming in my dentist’s office and starts beating the daylights out of the hygienist? Do I run? Do I hide, Do I intervene? Some will find it paranoid, but it has helped me come up with different tactics and changes of behavior to avoid problems and preplanned responses (as much as you can pre-plan) in case there is no choice but action.

A couple of weeks ago, I went hunting for tacos at my neighborhood Bell and used the drive thru. While waiting for the food to arrive, I looked inside and realized that I had a clear line of sight to the registers and my mind went “What if an armed robber was aiming a gun at the poor 16-year-old working the register and demanding the cash?”  I went through mentally work on the issue: Is the Bad Guy being cool? Is he acting desperate? Is he acting crazy? Do I intervene or do I drive away and call 911? Do I wait nearby and try to get the info on the robber and possible getaway vehicle? If I see that things are going to go bad and somebody most likely will get hurt, Do I really have a shot I can make with the particular firearm of the day?  What are the chances that right before I press the trigger, another kids gets in my line of fire?

And I will admit that sometimes I think the “What If” Game might be a bit silly and without real applications in life. Some would consider it “Gun Nut” Dirty Harry fantasies. But today, I see this video of a real event running along the lines I was thinking not so long ago and I kinda fell validated and reminds me that the Mind is the Weapon that needs to be kept lubricated and trained.

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  1. Its silly until it saves yer ass…..I do the same thing at times. Mental preparedness is 90% of the battle. Some in the military call it war gaming- what if we get ambushed, what if that guy picks up a gun, whats behind that window… can walk around in a daze or be aware.

  2. Hard decision. Especially as they had to shoot through glass. Based on the video, not a shot I’d take….but doing nothing when I could and it turning out bad would be traumatic.

    1. Hero? The guy was leaving with the money and no one was hurt. Why take a shot and miss and then he retaliate and shoots everyone in the restaurant. Horrible decision which I’m guessing is why he fled.

  3. Everyday thousands of criminals are deterred by the use of a gun in the hands of law abiding responsible gun owners…But you won’t hear of this from the offices of the Disease and Health Control administration who have been hiding these pro-gun statistics for years…They only report live gun shot incidents in favor of the anti-gun crowd…not those who’s lives were saved or robberies which were thwarted because of those who believe in the second amendment and the right of self protection and law and order…Not the “fake” statistics or half truths given by the liberal MSM who hate gun owners with a passion…with their stance that criminals are being victimized by those who maintain firearms in their homes or in their possession, in defense of themselves, their family, or others who are being attacked daily by criminals through out this land.

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