The British Example: In knife-free London, motorist is attacked with a huge knife.

No idea what may have led to the guy losing his mind and pulling the knife. The driver was incredibly lucky that the car with the dash camera had backed away enough for him to make an escape  after the “misguided” member of society breached the window on the passenger side.  According to the article in the Daily Mail, the owner was unharmed and recovered his vehicle once the aggressor left the area.

I am sure the perpetrator, after consideration and deep soul search, decided to turn in his knife to the nearest knife amnesty bins located across the Once-Great Britain.

Hat Tip Brad W

4 Replies to “The British Example: In knife-free London, motorist is attacked with a huge knife.”

  1. After watching the video, gonna take a stab (badump tss!) at identifying the machete wielder and say that he’s not quite a local Brit… 😉


  2. What I don’t understand… .maniac attacks car, attempting to get inside and murder the occupants — and the driver just sits there? If I were in his shoes I’d floor it, and if Mr. terrorist happened to be in the way of the wheels, “think of it as evolution in action”. And in a civilized place that would be a proper and legal response.


    1. Driver was blocked in, and didn’t think of, or didn’t have the skill to reverse out and drive down the narrow roadway backwards. Until the driver with the camera backed up, the victim was wedged in and couldn’t even open the driver or front seat passenger doors. Fortunately for the driver, the attacker was so enraged they didn’t think to use the pommel to smash out the window.

      The driver was smart to abandon the vehicle, as the attacker’s two mates showed up to offer support. I don’t know the neighborhood, but I would hate to face a hostile crowd in such a closed in area. How do they get fire trucks to a fire?



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