David Hogg got SWATted (Update)

Just caught the news.

I am amazed to see that the comments are not cuddly and nice about the little Nazi. He seems to be disliked across the whole South Florida which I may need to remind you guys is pretty damn diverse race and religion wise. And there is a good share of those who are speculating if this is just a publicity stunt to call attention on himself by waving the victim card. BSO and FBI will be investigating, I am sure…OK, stop laughing.

I do find a bit amusing that Good Guys with Guns showed up to curtail any possible crime.

Mommy and Daddy do have a nice house though. That has to be a high six figure home just by having a waterfront.

OK, so back to your regular programming.

UPDATE: David Hogg was not at home but in Washington DC receiving the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Award. Shit you not.

From Wikipedia

The Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Award was created by the Robert F. Kennedy Memorial in 1984, now known as the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights to honour individuals around the world who show courage and have made a significant contribution to human rights in their country.

Holy crap. But then again it is keeping with family tradition, Patriarch  Joe Kennedy was very fond of Hitler.

I am starting to side with the group that says this was a publicity stunt.

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  1. Much as I kind of enjoy the schadenfreude, the rational part of me, detests “swatting” regardless of who it is the target. Innocent people have died because somebody’s idea of a prank goes horribly wrong.

  2. I don’t want to sound like a conspiracy theorist but…

    According to Zillow, a waterfront home in Parkland FL, with at least 3,000 sq-ft starts at $600,000 and anything lakefront goes starts at $900,000.


    His Dad is a retried FBI agent and former navy pilot and school teacher/


    His mom is a teacher.


    How do two government employees, one retired on disability, afford what looks to be a $900,000 house?

    1. How high up in the FBI was his dad? If he got above the GS scale, he would have been in the SES (Senior Executive Service), which I’m pretty sure pays out per year 100% of salary through retirement. That would be like $160,000 a year for the rest of his life. It’s possible his parents could swing the mortgage. Of course it’s also very possible that something else more insidious is afoot in how they made their money.

      1. According to WaPo, he was a field agent at the LAX and Orlando offices before retiring with early onset Parkinsons at age 51.


        A Navy Aviator has a minimum 8 year contract (because there is 2.5 years of training time), and you have to be an officer with a college degree.

        So age 21 in and age 29 out for minimum contract time. I don’t know how long he was a teacher, so assume 1 year.

        Joins the FBI at 30 and retires at 51, field office at an airport an entire time.

        Will 21 years as a field agent make you part of the FBI SES?

        1. It’s possible, sure. I’ve seen people in other Federal agencies ascend at ridiculous speeds. People with less than 20 years on the job making it into the SES ranks. A lot of it depends on how willing to relocate you are. Also putting in for any and every position that opens up also helps. To the top brass, you look motivated and eager.
          Though it’s also possible that he retired as a GS-14 or 15, which is still damn good money. Who knows. We can only speculate what’s going on.

  3. What “significant contribution to human rights in their country” has he made?

    He’s been an asshole on TV and Twitter for all of 4 months.

    This is even more empty than giving Obama the Nobel Peace Prize for not being George Bush.

  4. Unless the 911 tape or email that started the swatting is released I call bullshit. Sounds too setup. You always here of these liberals claiming to get death threats yet they never seem to refer any of them to law enforcement.

  5. Funny how the Broward County Sheriff’s Office can show up for a swatting, but is too afraid to enter a school during an active shooting incident and possibly save some kids lives.

  6. The comments are somewhat heartening. There’s a few sympathizers, but the feeling is mostly “no one deserves to get SWATed, even this little jerk.”

    Which is pretty much the truth. No one deserves that, and he’s still a jerk. Even though he wasn’t there.

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