More on Hogg’s Swatting

From ABC news:

Also from ABC News:

Hogg, who graduated from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Sunday, is not at the Florida home but with his family in Washington, D.C., where he is expected to accept the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Award.

So he’s a thousand miles from home, with his entire family in DC, and his house gets swatted.  When asked about it, he called it a “silly prank.”

People have been killed being swatted and he calls it a “silly prank.”

Then he continues to use it to push his message.

Hogg, who is out of town, said the hoax at his home “was just a silly prank.”

“It’s not going to take our focus off what we’re super excited about; the March for Our Lives bus tour to get young people to vote and promote gun law reform,” he told ABC News Tuesday.

Accuse me of being paranoid or feeding into conspiracy theories but this seems very fishy.

Of all the times to get swatted, it’s when he KNOWS everyone he loves will be out of the house.

He’s apparently not angry over the fact that someone might have sent the BSO to kill him.

Me thinks he needed some more victim cred.

I hope to god that the FBI does one hell of a job investigating this.  I want to know where this call originated.

11 Replies to “More on Hogg’s Swatting”

  1. It is (unfortunately) not unusual for attention whores like Hogg to self victimize.

    How many times in recent memory has a racist incident actually been perpetrated by the victim? (Kansas State, Air Force Academy, East Michigan U, etc…). Or how many victims of gay/trans bashing actually faked it? (Whole Foods cake incident, Gallop Asian Bistro, etc…)

    Can we ever forget Tawana Brawley?

    No, I would not be surprised at all if this was set up by Hogg, or some of his supporters as a way to keep his name in the news, and (hopefully) blame it on gun rights advocates.

    1. ISTR the whole “GamerGate” thing was marked by the SJWs making death threats to themselves. The one exception I’m aware of was a gamer meetup that got a threat called against it.

  2. “He’s apparently not angry over the fact that someone might have sent the BSO to kill him.”

    He knows how dangerous they are.

  3. I posted this in Facebook about 4 hours ago:

    1) The Parkland Brats announce a 60 day Bus Tour yesterday. Gets little Media coverage.
    2) This morning Hogg and the other Brats are in DC to get a Human Rights award. It gets ZERO coverage in the media.
    3) Suddenly there is a Swatting call in Hogg’s house and we have choppers and media flocking to the area while talking heads comment that Hogg is in DC getting an award and he is about to embark on a Bus Tour.

    It may all be a strange coincidence… but I am fresh out of Benefit of the Doubt.

  4. Another angle, separate from the question of whether he set this up himself: he’s arguing that Swatting is just a “prank”. In other words, he’s trying to define warrantless armed home invasion as an acceptable and unobjectionable thing. What would his motives be for pushing such a position?

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