NICS checks for May 2018 up from last year.

And if I am reading it right, it is the biggest May since the beginning of NICS.

So far, we have 11,357,627 checks for this year. Same period last year brought us 10,699,334 so we are up↑ 658,293 checks.

Not bad, not bad at all.

4 Replies to “NICS checks for May 2018 up from last year.”

  1. And the anti’s think that Americans, who are buying roughly 2 million guns a month, are going to “turn them in” at the behest of a politician somewhere. Right.

  2. My purchases do not show up as I have a CWP and South Carolina is exempt from NICS with it. So are many other States, but some States also run a monthly NICS check on permit holders, so I guess it balances out.

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