This is what the media is doing with Parkland

TODAY is turning Borward County School Resource Officer, Scot Peterson into a victim.

Look at the remorseless smirk on his face as he talks about the “what if’s.”

Let’s be fucking clear here.  Scot Peterson was a 54 year old man, who got a cushy fucking goldbricking job.  He figured that he’s spend 28 years of his police career riding around an upper middle class neighborhood high school on a golf cart.  Maybe busting kids for smoking or petty bullshit like that.

Then Nicolas Cruz shows up with a gun.

Peterson realized that he wasn’t cut out of that.  He’s a few weeks short of retirement, and he’s not going to get killed in a shootout.  Fuck it.  He’ll set up a perimeter and goldbrick his ass through that shooting the way he goldbricked the majority of his career.

That decision got 17 kids killed and for his inaction, he was rewarded with $8,072 per month in pension for the rest of his pathetic, goldbricking life.

Another 30 fucking years sucking off the tax payers for being a yellow bellied, chicken shit, dick-less fucking coward.

But because The Narrative™ means that Peterson can’t be held accountable and it’s all the NRA’s fault.  The media has to go one step further and turn him into the victim.

Poor Peterson, having to live the rest of his life with his regrets.  As he sits on his back porch or maybe his boat, sipping a beer.

In a civil society, he’d be in the stocks in the center of town as people waked by to rub shit, literal animal shit, in his face.  Maybe it’s time we bring that back.


6 Replies to “This is what the media is doing with Parkland”

  1. I don’t disagree that he failed to act and this turning him into aavictim is a disgrace, bbu let’s keep the facts straight as we can know them. Washington Post article says he was a school resource office for 28 years and at stoneman “for nearly a decade”. So he wasn’t just riding out his few years to retirement.


  2. How sad for him. All he had to do was walk in, point his gun, maybe fire a couple rounds, and then spend the rest of his life lauded as a hero in books, print, and possibly a movie deal. He could have received his fat pension and people would say that it wasn’t enough money to compensate his heroism. They’d line up to give him money to hear him speak about the courage it took to step through the door and “meet his destiny.” He’d never have to tell anyone that his training told him that in basically every spree murder scenario the killer immediately surrenders or commits suicide as soon as he meets resistance. He could keep all that to himself!

    Instead of being knee deep in badge bunnies and dollar bills, he’s suffering from learning that after all those years he really was a coward when it counted.



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