Another shining example for the Antis

Remember, only the military can be trusted to have assault rifles.

It’s not like the military is made up of people, some of who are stupid enough to steal an APC and take it for a joy ride.

Oh, wait.

At lest no one was inured by this, unlike the back flipping FBI agent and his AD.

The magic sprinkling of government doesn’t make people better.


5 Replies to “Another shining example for the Antis”

  1. I saw somewhere else that in reality it was being driven by a second lieutenant during a navigation exercise and it happens all the time with them, he got lost as hell. 😀


    1. What’s the old saying? “The most dangerous thing in the world is a 2nd Lt with a map”?
      Variations include “a programmer with a soldering iron”…


  2. I read the story of Churchill’s “toy shop” — the R&D group that design weapons for Britain during WWII — and the author was officer of the day when Germany surrendered. At one point after the surrender, he had to go stop his wife and another officer from driving a Sherman into a church…



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