Belief vs. reality on CCW

This is part of a conversation on the Twitter.  It goes back to the two “average civilians” who shot the restaurant shooter in Oklahoma.

So, for the anti-gun/anti-CCW people out there, there is no amount of practice that satisfies them.  They will never come out and say that, but it is the truth.

For you to CCW, they want you to be battle ready.  They want simuntion force-on-force.  They want you to go through active shooter drills.  They want you to be a Navy SEAL SWAT Ranger.

I guess they watch too much TV, because this is the reality.

NYPD is retiring the last of its revolvers by end of summer

A well-worn leather holster holds a revolver hanging from the gun belt of NYPD Officer Paul Sulzbach as he patrols in midtown.

That gun and holster will soon become a relic of the past, replaced by a modern 9 mm semiautomatic handgun and holster, made of modern synthetic materials.

Sulzbach, 49, on the force since 1992, is one of 29 officers who have retired their service revolvers this week while training at Rodman’s Neck gun range in the Bronx, after being certified with a 9 mm semiautomatic.

Moments after speaking about the former service revolver on Wednesday, Sulzbach joined more than two dozen fellow officers as they loaded, reloaded, fired dummy rounds and did more to familiarize themselves with the new weapons.

“Today, we have one of our last scheduled classes of a three day transition from the .38[-caliber] revolver to 9 mm semiautomatic pistol,” said Richard G. DiBlasio, inspector and commanding officer of Firearms and Tactics Sector. “We have 29 students today, our last group. Because Commissioner O’Neill cares about the safety of the police officer and police department, he wanted this transition over.”

So these officer who have been carrying revolvers for decades are getting three days of training on a totally new platform that is very different from their old one.  Three days.  And a good part of that is with dummy rounds.

This is what police training is really like.

But you have to be John Fucking Rambo.

They don’t care about the training because it makes you better.  They just want to use it, or the lack of it, to deny you your rights.

I’ll say it again, training is good.  Mandatory training is a literacy test.

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  1. I slightly disagree. Mandatory training is a poll tax. Just as offensive. And, Little Ms. Tactical, with her extensive knowledge of what “real training” such as the supply clerks, and cooks and aircraft maintainers, who are all essential to the military functioning, BUT THEY ARE NOT A ONE OF THEM TRAINED AS A DOOR KICKER. As, neither am I. But, should I be on the scene when things get awful, well, as I described to my non gunny family, in the shadow of Sandy Hook, when asked, “do you think you will kill some school gunman?”

    “I certainly hope so. But, even if I do not, even if I am killed in the attempt, know this: I certainly will fuck up his attack plan. If I fuck it up, badly enough, the killing will stop with me. At the very least, time he takes to kill me, is time he is not killing children. And, I may slow him up enough, that the cops can kill his ass, before he gets back together to continue killing. Now, tell me a better way to die?”


    1. If I only serve to keep a few bullets from striking a child… I’ll have done more than the Broward Cowards.


  2. As a certified NRA instructor this is my 2 cents- mindset is 90 percent situational awareness is the rest. Training is for building muscle memory and correct reaction to situations. The rest is up to you. You can arm chair quarterback every shooting but until you are actually in one you wont know how you will react.


  3. To quote something I’ve gotten from more than one combat vet.

    None of the training before their first contact really prepared them for the reality.

    None of the training they’ve taken since would have either.

    Yet they were in firefights and are here to talk about it.


  4. When they were working on passing CCW in IL, the anti’s tried to make the training requirement 80 hours. More than initial SWAT training.


    1. I was there. The whole purpose of that was to make training so long and expensive that most people couldn’t get it. Try making the working class guy from Chicago fund 80 hours and a several thousand dollars to get his permit. The Dems in IL were very explicit that “if the training is too easy, anybody can get a permit.”


  5. And despite their “only military and police” BS they even often refuse to entertain a discussion about allowing former military and police from carrying in schools or gun-free zones. I’ve said to many Libs, “ok, what about allowing vets who now work as faculty or staff to carry? Many of them have real world combat experience.” But of course they then whine about students being shot by teachers. Or students stealing the guns. Isn’t it curious the levels of violence amd evil they project onto others? Makes you wonder about the condition of their hearts and minds.



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