It never fails…

Somehow it’s always the fault of the JOOOOOOOOOOOOS!!!

Let this simmer in the #Resistance for a couple of weeks and I guarantee the Left is going to sound like 1939 Germany.

And you wonder why I am mad as hell and armed to the fucking teeth.


5 Replies to “It never fails…”

  1. As I told a Pseudo-Nazi rallying at Iowa State once: “If the Jews are as powerful and influential as YOU claim they are, you’d never be allowed to have this rally.”

    He didn’t get it, but a couple others did.


  2. Wouldnt ya think the russkys and the jews wouldnt want a guy with BALLS in the white house??? I KNOW Isreal likes Trump because he is siding with them, but I think the russkys would perfer a wimp like obammy or shrillary in charge cause we all know they appease rather than ass kick. If you are going to collude to destroy a country it makes no sense to collude with a guy who hates you.


  3. The plaintiff, and, therefore, my children, are fractionally Jewish. Anybody who thinks for a second that I will sit by and watch my children, or their mother, be manhandled (or worse) might want to polish up their introductory speech for St. Peter. Indeed, The Plaintiff might wish them farewell, before I could even unholster.



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