Father of Parkland High School victim lied to by uthorites. But it was the NRA’s fault too, I guess.

Here’s the news item:

On paper, Marjory Stoneman Douglas High looked like one of the safest high schools in Florida.

The Broward school district reported to the state that no one was bullied or harassed, no one trespassed on campus, no one was violently attacked, no one broke into campus after hours and nothing expensive was stolen during the 2016-17 school year.

It wasn’t true.

The district reports only a portion of its actual crimes to the state, making it impossible to spot a school’s trouble spots and inform parents about safety, the South Florida Sun Sentinel has found.

 Broward school district failing to report many campus crimes to state as required .

Investigate what Mr. Schachter? You yourself helped deflect the blame from the authorities that created the conditions that led your son murdered by the sack of shit Cruz. You went Tallahassee and advocated for our Rights to be infringed. You used the bloody shirt of your son to lobby for gun control and pass the School Marshal program to make ours schools safer, and immediately  the same school district that fucked you and your son said it won’t allow the hardening of the schools in Broward County by using Marshals but they will take the money.

You have my sympathy for the death of your son. You do not have my respect. Stop whining, admit your errors & correct your mistakes. It is the least you owe to the Law Abiding Civilians that you besmirched while being led by the nose by Broward County politicians.


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  1. Citizen Schrader,

    Thank you for your prior beliefs that we always tell the truth.
    Thank you for your supporting in curtailing the rights of those independent, disruptive citizens.
    Thank you for demanding your fellow citizens give more money to the Broward County Machine, we promise not to use it to make our schools safer.

    However Citizen Schrader, Your latest request concerns us greatly. We do not accept your imprecations at all. The Broward County Machine has existed long before you, and will exist long after you are gone. The MSD Task Force will lethargically perform its duties including gathering and ignoring any public input, and finally, after sufficient time has elapsed, will release a generic sanitized pablum of a report stating that mistakes were made, but never identifying who made them, and what the actual mistakes were. Most importantly, the report will request additional funds, and additional staffing to not solve the previous identified problem. Citizen Schrader, the Broward County Machine requests that you now shut up, and open up your wallet when we tell you to.

    Don’t make us say it twice.



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