Tampa Bay Times & Fake News: Background Check were performed after all.

It is like The Tampa Bay Times accidentally did it on purpose or something like that:

Now the info is coming that it was not the suggested 268,000 approves applicants but the smaller number of 365 and not even that way because background checks were performed. What did not happen was the 365 checks were not uploaded to the Department of Licensing database by this particular employee.  

Here is part of an email by Marion Hammer sent just a while ago.

Background checks were done through FCIC (Florida Criminal Information Computer system) and NCIC (National Criminal Information Computer system — the national FBI fingerprint data base) and they also did a NICS check (National Instant Check System), which is the name-based background check system.

The NICS system is the same system used by retail firearms dealers to do background checks when a person buys a firearm.


During the time the employee failed to do her job, approximately 350,000 applicants for carry licenses were processed. Of those 350,000, 365 had a disqualifier based on the NICS background check.

The employee should have uploaded those 365 into the internal computer system to stop the processing of those applications. She did not. So those 365 applicants got their licenses anyhow.

Let’s go back to math. 365 applicants out of 350,000 were not properly vetted by an irresponsible worker. That comes about at 0.14% of failure or 99.86% of the applications vetted the right way by the rest of the employees of the Division of Licensing during that period of time.

When the Division discovered the problem, the employee was let go. The Division then ran new background checks on all 365 applicants who initially had NICS name-based disqualifiers. Of those 365, 74 were cleared and 291 still had disqualifiers, so their licenses to carry firearms were immediately suspended.

Shit will happen, by accident of by human failure, anybody saying you can get 100% results is lying to you which incidentally is what Gun Control says every time they shove a new bill down everybody’s throat.  “So something like this will never happen again!” is a familiar chant from the Opposition.

Once again, what the Tampa Bay Times probably did was a political hatchet job against Adam Putnam because he is running for Governor and the “Blue Wave” must be created.  This is the same Newspaper who went to great lengths to collate Stand Your Ground Cases and then denounce the law as racist against African Americans but its own data revealed that the law favored blacks by an almost 3 to 1 ratio compared to Whites.

Label this piece of journalism from the Tampa Bay Times as Fake News, the same fake news Gun Owners have been a target off for more than thirty years.

5 Replies to “Tampa Bay Times & Fake News: Background Check were performed after all.”

  1. “It is like The Tampa Bay Times accidentally did it on purpose…”

    They’re as bad as the Orlando Slantinel & Sun Slantinel, locally, and at par with other larger out-of-state progtard news rags as WaPo & NYT, so not really a surprise.

  2. Lies about 268,000 sell newspapers and potentially gets national coverage. Imagine getting your story picked up by the NYT or WaPo? Maybe ABC or CBS News? Fame, fortune, maybe a way to the big leagues? Damn right they are going sensational and hyperbolic!

    Facts and headlines about 291 or 365 improperly processed permits get local page 7 coverage, if it even gets published. Half the very few people that read the story on page 7 would say, “Meh, they are as screwed up as any bureaucracy. I am surprised they fired the idiot and didn’t promote her instead.” More likely the editor says, “Where is the story? Bring me something interesting to publish!”

    1. Maybe, but their eagerness for this story is much more about their politics than the sensationalism. They could sell papers by exposing Democrat corruption — Wasserman-Schulz and the Awans certainly is a dramatic and fascinating story — but would rather ignore that.

  3. I say we run with it: we should push a “study” showing just how a year of no background checks affected crime…and let the media explain how the initial information was seriously flawed after all.

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