Miami Beach Mayor swears to protect school children.

Former Mayor Levine is a full member of the Gun Control cadre. He is not only in favor of the “Assault Weapons” ban but wants all Florida Gun Laws to be revised and control be given to localities to enact their own gun control regulations as he believes it would control crime at a local level better.

As a Mayor he did an excellent job transforming Miami Beach from a tourist destination to… well, look at it yourselves.

Mayor Levine could not keep control of 15 square miles of town surrounded in all sides by water. Miami Beach (pop +90,000) is like the worst strip joint you could ever imagine without the benefit of bouncing titties. Yet he wants you to believe he will keep 2.6 million children in 4,269 schools safe from danger.

Yeah, right.


2 Replies to “Miami Beach Mayor swears to protect school children.”

  1. So, he wants each kid to go through a TSA-like gauntlet each time they step into school? I’m sure everyone will be cool with those pat-downs. /s

    Also, that comparison of school vs. combat deaths for 2018 is a red herring and proves nothing.

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