Language: Misuse for Political BS

This line from J.Kb’s post about the Rush & Duckworth bill caught my attention:

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 315 people are shot with a gun every day in the United States. Of those injured, 93 people die.

Again, I will not pretend I am an English language scholar, but the general feeling the sentence above is that people are shooting other people with firearms and that is causing 93 deaths a day. if that number is familiar, you are right:

93 x 365 = 33,945

Our old friend, the “Death by Firearm” statistic which includes suicides. Now, that is somewhat dishonest for Rush and Duckworth to do, wouldn’t you say ?

But why I would expect the truth coming from two Anti-Gun legislators from Illinois trying to pass a gun registration bill that has failed miserably in places like Chicago and not one single political entity in the world can truthfully produce statistics showing it lowers violent crime. If you have any doubts, go ask England or Venezuela.

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  1. … not one single political entity in the world can truthfully produce statistics showing [gun registration] lowers violent crime.

    It’s not even that. They stopped selling registration as a measure to lower crime. Now they’re selling it as a tool for law enforcement to solve violent crime…

    … but they still can’t cite any statistics or cases where it does even that.

    I’ll repeat that, because it bears repeating: Not one criminal case has ever been made or broken by gun registration data. At best it’s one small piece of a thorough and complete body of evidence that would win in court with or without registration data, and at worst it implicates innocent victims of theft for the “crime” of having stuff stolen.

    (Actually, at best it provides the information necessary to return stolen property to its rightful owner … OK, stop laughing … and at worst it provides a convenient list for gun-grabbers to use to kick in doors and grab guns. But in the limited context of a criminal investigation, implicating innocent victims is about the worst possible outcome, and in that context “nothing we can’t get elsewhere” is about the best that can be expected.)

    All in all, nothing good can come of gun registration.

  2. Just say no…oops, I lost it in a boatin accident. More 1st grade math from the cdc, a bastion of truth. Its fallin apart. Be aware people.

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