These F***ing people

This is CNN:

These people are retarded.

Kim Jong Un is, like all dictators, a narcissistic megalomaniac.

Maybe Trump is too, maybe he’s not.  What Trump seems to understand is exactly how to play Kim.

North Korea is in the middle of a massive famine.  The economy is bankrupt.  China is pulling their support because even China is sick of Kim’s shit.

Kim has two choices.

  1. He can be the leader that causes North Korea to finally die such a death that his own propaganda machine can’t cover it – possibly helped along by strategic American bombing.
  2. He can liberalize North Korea, end the Korean war, get international aid to help his people, and come out a hero to his people as the leader that ended the famine and saved the economy.

Which do you think he would prefer?

Trump is using a fancy meal and media attention – exactly what a narcissistic megalomaniac wants – to tickle Kim’s balls, then lead him around by the nose.

Some fancy dinners and a pat on the back while being allowed to stand at the adults table is all Kim needs.

Trump is going to unite Korea with Haagen-Dazs.

I’m not going to go so far as to say Trump is the second coming of Reagan, but Reagan did the same sort of “friendly on one side and fierce on the other” diplomacy with Gorbachev, and Gorbachev was the last leader of the Soviet Union.

This from the Smithsonian:

In the 1980s, the Soviet Union and United States held a number of summits to come to terms with the two country’s growing nuclear arsenals. The country’s leaders, Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev, got to know each other during these sessions and developed a personal rapport. Reagan’s charisma and personal warmth enabled him to disarm Gorbachev who was more formal and reserved. Because of their relationship, the two world leaders were more willing to have conversations and negotiate leading to the INF Treaty. The treaty mandated the removal of a specific class of intermediate-range ballistic missiles from each country’s active inventories. That historic treaty foreshadowed the end of the Cold War.

This was the same Ronald Reagan that cracked a mic check joke about nuking Russia.

Trump is doing the same damn thing.  Kim can have steak or Kim can have bombs, he can have his balls tickled or put in a jar on the Resolute Desk.  Trump is right now enticing him with the steak, and it seems to be working.

If you study diplomacy, you can see the parallels.

If you are a Leftist at CNN, you hated Reagan and his “tear down this wall” victory too.


5 Replies to “These F***ing people”

  1. “These people are retarded.”

    The journos from the Clinton News Network are not retarded. That would imply they have little to no control when they spew their vitriolic lies and twist the truth to fit their losing leftist political agenda.
    Nope, nope, nope. These CNN journos are PERFECTLY AWARE OF THE CHOICES THEY MAKE, so I will not give 2 cat turds when CNN goes the way of the dodo.


  2. They thought Regan was a senile warmonger who was going to kick off WWIII at any moment. Because the Soviet Union was forever, and best to learn to live with that fact.


  3. Actually it was worse. From Ford on up, the Foreign Policy Elite’s consensus was not just that the Soviet Union was forever… but that it would win, that its victory was unavoidable, and that the only thing to do was to manage our eventual defeat so as to insure the best terms.
    See Robert Novak’s “Prince of Darkness”.


  4. The FAKE NEWS MEDIA “C-nt News Network” is full of TDS imbeciles and is a propaganda arm of the DNC.

    I believe nothing they report.



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