Widening the divide

According to a long Twitter thread by Alyssa Milano, the NRA is obsolete and gun control is winning.

First of all, updates to the NICS system are a good thing.  This is one of those bullshit straw man arguments against the NRA.  We want better reporting to NICS and a faster and more efficient system.

Second, the boyfriend loophole is dubious.  I agree, violent people should not have guns.  I am worried about the fact that “dating partner” is poorly defined.  What does that mean?  If a guy goes on one date with a girl and it ends badly, can she say she was scared of him and make him a prohibited person?  It is not well defined.

But the big picture is this: with the exception of Florida and possibly Vermont, every state or location that has passed these gun control measures is dark blue.

New York, New Jersey, Washington State, Illinois, are Democrat states.  Lincoln, Nebraska and Boulder, Colorado are dark blue.

These were not difficult laws to pass in these locations.  Adding gun restrictions in New York – home of the SAFE ACT passed in the dark of night – or New Jersey – where hollow points are banned, is like falling off a log.  Expect that people don’t generally want to fall off logs and North East Democrats want to ban guns.

Vermont is tricky, because the state voted for Trump and the Governor is a Republican, but both senators are far Left – Patrick Leahy (D) and Bernie Sanders, who is a fucking Communist.  The Congressman at large is a Democrat.  The State Legislature is not just a wide majority Democrat, but it is so far left that there are multiple seats held by the “Progressive Party.”   Ben and Jerry’s come from Vermont.  So am more inclined to lump Vermont in with the Blue states than the Red ones.

Florida was swung to gun control because Parkland is in Florida, and I suspect that the gun control measure was rammed through as fast as it could be to cover for the failure of the BSO and the state.  Florida gun owners were SAFE ACTED by Rick Scott pulling a Cuomo.

The next election in Florida will let us know how Floridians feel about that.

It would be different if the antis gun these laws passed in Texas, Alabama, Arkansas, or another solidly Red State.

But I don’t think that Alyssa Milano even cares about those Deep South and Flyover Country places.

This isn’t an example of gun control winning or losing.  It is an example of the widening of the divide.

All the places (except Florida) that already were prone to gun control, doubled down on it.

The cultural gulf between pro-gun and anti-gun states got bigger.

It’s among the reasons why we are seeing more and more proposals to break up states like California and Illinois where the rural Red areas want to break away from the domineering control of the dark Blue cities.

Alyssa Milano’s victory dance for gun control is just a ringing endorsement of a national divorce.







4 Replies to “Widening the divide”

  1. First of all, updates to the NICS system are a good thing. […] We want better reporting to NICS and a faster and more efficient system.

    Not really. I don’t. Background checks on a Constitutionally-protected right amount to a prior restraint on the exercise of that right. In essence, you must preemptively prove your innocence before the State will allow you to exercise your rights. The whole concept is a violation of the 4th Amendment.

    That said, since NICS is a thing (I don’t understand how people like Ms. Milano seem to think it’s not) and we’re stuck with it, it may as well serve its purpose with minimal false positives, minimal disruption to consumers’ lives, and minimal delays to the exercise of fundamental rights, and for that it does need to be updated — both for completeness of information and for speed and efficiency.

    1. But the over-arching point is taken: The only places where more “gun control” has been passed are places prone to pass more “gun control” anyway; for those places, the MSD shooting is merely a catalyst — an excuse to pass bills they’d eventually pass regardless — and not a significant change in attitude toward the 2nd Amendment.

      The places where gun rights are honored and cherished have not passed more “gun control”, and in some places have even expanded gun rights — usually in the form of loosening laws addressing carrying firearms in public places and/or schools.

      But don’t expect Ms. Milano to talk much about that.

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