David Hogg opens his mouth again…

And once again I am at a loss for words that can be repeated in polite company to explain the level of sheer stupidity that comes out of his childish brain.

I have the feeling that he won’t be have to worry about getting hisself indebted with Student Loans for college anytime soon.  He is now at the Billy Carter stage of his short-lived political career.

3 Replies to “David Hogg opens his mouth again…”

  1. This sneering little shit is the best thing that has happened to gun ownership and culture since Barack Obama. Keep it up, kid. You’ve grown the NRA more than any mailing blitz ever could have.

  2. As soon as I saw him, I had a visceral negative reaction to his face. It’s so triangular. It was a gut instinct reaction.

    That reaction should be irrelevant, but as soon as he opened his mouth and spouted his nonsense, ignorance, profanity, slander, blame, and demanded that I surrender my Constitutional rights, well, my discernment was confirmed.

    He is a horrible man-boy who pretends to be an adult in policy discussions and hides behind his “victim/survivor” status and youth when he is challenged. Truly a sniveling coward for that attempt to have it both ways.

  3. Seriously?
    Repress the vote.

    What bizarro world does this kid live in? Since when did you need the internet to vote? Did you miss all the TV ads? All the campaign signs? That smiling jackass on your doorstep begging for your vote?

    Can anyone explain to me, and take as long as you need, how net neutrality has any effect whatsoever on voting?

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