Fake News Alert: Florida has had 51 mass shootings since Pulse .

I saw this little article from the Orlando Weekly being passed around in different Social Media locations. Right off the bat, I find an old “friend”: Gun Violence Archives.

What’s often blurred through headlines and our 24-hour news cycle is that Florida has a serious gun violence problem. Between June 12, 2016, to now, the state of Florida has experienced a total of 51 mass shootings. Of those incidents, 118 have died and 280 were injured.

This data comes from the Gun Violence Archives, a nonprofit research group that tracks gun violence using police reports, over 2,000 nationwide media outlets and other public resources.

Florida has had 51 mass shootings since Pulse

Gun Violence Archives has a long tradition to stretch what is “gun violence” so it makes it to its archives. I searched for event ins Florida and the first four was a mighty stretch from what normal  people in general consider gun violence:

Notice that there were no people killed nor wounded, that is because they were cases were the police detected a person carrying illegally and 3 stolen guns.  So that right there gives you an idea of their accuracy and leanings.

The Left and Gun Control groups have decided to confuse an Active Shooter with Mass Shootings. The definition of an Active Shooter according to DHS is “an individual actively engaged in killing or attempting to kill people in a confined and populated area; in most cases, active shooters use firearms and there is no pattern or method to their selection of victims.” So what does Gun Violence Archives define as Mass Shooting/Active Shooter cases? Gang related shooting in NYC and Drive By shooting in Alabama, a domestic hostage situation near Orlando in which they added the shooter to the count because he committed suicide.  A party in California where at least three shooters wounded six people and one suffered an injury running away bit still was counted as a gunshot victim. Another party in Illinois again with several shooters injuring 7 people. And yes, yet another birthday party has 2 groups of juveniles shooting at each other with 5 injured. And what do you know, another birthday party ends up with 2 dead and 2 wounded in Bloomington, Illinois. Closing the small list we have 1 dead and 5 wounded in the South Side of Chicago during a Drive-By.

Top searches for Mass Shootings. A small sample.

No lone shooter with an AR 15 coming into a school to shoot orphaned undocumented children but just your standard and crappy fare of violence which keeps being ignored and only makes it as fake statistics and fake news when a shocking headline is needed.

Not for nothing, but I am staying the hell away of birthday parties as they seem to be a magnet for bullets.


4 Replies to “Fake News Alert: Florida has had 51 mass shootings since Pulse .”

  1. One thing they are compelled to do is muddy the water around the Pulse shooting. Between the Islamic motive, yet another Known Wolf, the passive response, and the utter bungling of the case against the wife (How is she NOT an accessory before the fact?! She knew he was casing places to shoot up, and did nothing!), the left/government class is desperate to hide what happened.

  2. Every real “mass shooting” gets wall-to-wall news coverage. So if someone tells you there have been X number of “mass shootings” since Y, ask them, “Why weren’t they on the news?” They’ll hem and haw and tell you you’re a racist and you don’t care about children’s lives and you should shut up.

  3. Seems to me Birthday Parties are the real problem, we should ban those. We need to organize a die in at Trumps next Birthday Party or maybe at Disney

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