It’s the whole f**king state

Regular readers of this blog know just how much contempt I have for the Broward County Sheriff’s Office and Sheriff Scott Israel.

As it turns out, the failure of him and his department to protect the kids at MSD High was the norm and not the exception.

This thread is from Twitter.  I’m sorry it is so long, I will skip some of the middle and stick with the important parts.

Skipping some of the run-round …

That is truly fucking awful.

Here is the thing about the child porn charges.  The Sheriff’s offices don’t want to investigate this.  It will be too much work.  So they say to the dad that his daughter could face child porn charges for being manipulated into taking photos of herself by a predator and sex groomer in order to make him go away.

Sheriff Israel may have been the worse offender so far, but it seems that the standard for Sheriffs in the state of Florida is to be piles of lazy and incompetent shit at protecting Florida’s children.










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  1. I will give this father kudos for not going all medieval on the perp’s ass. I am sure that was once of his first instincts, as it would be for most fathers. At least the ones that cared. However I don’t think I could have lasted as long as he did. I believe I would have shown the initial restraint, I am sure the runaround would have gotten to me a lot sooner.

  2. Launch an invetstigation into the entire group of law enforcement offices and have their office and home computers scanned for images of child porn. The way they’re protecting and enabling the offender here suggests they’re all pedophiles.

  3. 1) Was the accused a high school sports star? Sense of entitlement and being allowed to get away with sexual assault says yes. Failing that, how closely related is he to a local politician?

    2) The threat to prosecute the daughter was a threat. The so-called police were more interested in doing no work, not having another crime on their stats, and (likely) protecting a popular jock than in protecting a young girl.

    3) This is how you get Rotherham.

    1. “To protect and serve?”

      Yep, protect and serve the right people.
      Once that’s understood, everything else falls into place.

  4. If he ever does extrajudicial, I don’t think there is a jury that would convict him If he was allowed to tell his story in court. Except anyone that goes rogue won’t be allowed to tell his story in court.

    This could be how you get Vigilance Committees, except any vigilante group will have at least one FBI Agent, one BATFE Agent, and four informants from federal, state, and local agencies. Don’t worry, unlike terrorist investigations and potential school shooter cases, people will be arrested in vigilante cases, whether any action occurs or not.

  5. I once had been mailed a $200 reimbursement check from an employer to reimburse me for travel expenses. Someone stole it from my mailbox and cashed it at his bank. The idiot actually signed my name and then under there, signed his own name, and wrote his account number on the back of the check. I went to the Orange County Sheriff’s office, thinking this would be a slam dunk.
    I was told that they did not have the resources to investigate such a “petty” crime of mail theft, forgery, and a host of other crimes. Imagine how angry I was when I passed 4 deputies on my way home, who were all writing speeding tickets.

    There was the time that my car was broken into, and Osceola county deputies actually came out and took fingerprints. They figured out who the guy was, and he was arrested in South Carolina when he was pulled over for a traffic violation. Florida dropped the charges because it wasn’t a serious enough crime to justify the cost of extradition.

    Meanwhile, I got a speeding ticket in 2001 in Melbourne that I paid for at the courthouse. It turns out that I had underpaid the ticket by $22, because the clerk quoted me the wrong fee. No one caught it for ten years. They sent me no fewer than 10 letters from 2012 to 2015, demanding their $22. I finally paid it when they threatened to revoke my drivers license.

    Cops are, for the most part, lazy and unwilling to do anything unless their job depends on it. At this point, that means write tickets and asset forfeiture.

  6. This will continue until Fathers, Brothers, Uncles, and Grandfathers start protecting their family members instead of depending on the “system” to do it for them.

    Cowardice is the downfall of our society.

    1. “You can’t break the ankles of the man that molested your underage daughter, then drop him the glades for the gators. That’s toxic masculinity.”

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