Bernie is right about that

Bernie Sanders at the We the People Summit.

He is right about making radical ideas mainstream.

When I was growing up, being openly bigoted about and discriminating against people because of the color of their skin was looked down upon.

Publicly shaming people and destroying their carriers, reputations, and lives because of they voiced a rather middle of the road opinion publicly used to not happen.

Burning college campuses and beating other students with bats because a visitor came to speak was unheard of.

Colleges didn’t erupt in protest over an email about Halloween costumes.

Crappy cafeteria food was accepted as the norm and not “cultural appropriation” that required shutting down the dining hall.

People didn’t threaten to rape or murder teenage girls over their choice of prom dress.

The respectable thing was to pull yourself up by your bootstraps and soldier on, not white about being a victim and demanding other people coddle you.

There were only two genders.

The radical ideas of the Left have become mainstream in America.

We are seeing the same sorts of behaviors here that took place in Russia and China early in the Communist and Maoist revolution.  Public shaming and reputation destruction of people with the wrong opinions.  Student led uprisings and violence.

If this goes any further, we are going to see the mainstreaming of large scale violence and political show trials.

Just ask Rep Steve Scalise about that.

3 Replies to “Bernie is right about that”

  1. The thing is, the Radical ideas he wants to be mainstream is their own Radical ideas. Everyone else who doesn’t fall into line should be sent to the gulags.

  2. A thought that’s really unsettling is that the a**hole who shot Scalise went there to kill Republicans. The only reason he was stopped was that Scalise had a security detail and the good guys with guns ended it. In that sense, the a**hole screwed up. If Scalise hadn’t been there, no security detail is there, and he probably would have killed all of them.

    If that guy had been successful, he would have killed about a third of the top Republicans in the house. He would have shifted the balance of power in the House until the next election if not longer.

    Government by mass murder, like any banana republic. I can argue we’re there already.

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