David Hogg’s real father

I don’t think David Hogg’s real father is the former FBI agent Kevin Hogg.

I think David Hogg was grown in a secret DNC cloning lab from the DNA of Shannon Watts and Jesse Jackson.

The kid is an over-the-top shakedown artist.

After Publix, he’s going after Disney.

If that doesn’t work, he’s going to stage these die ins as often as he can until somebody caves to him.

This is why he’s not going to college, he’s going to die in everywhere for a year.

It’s an extortion racket and this kid is shameless in it.


4 Replies to “David Hogg’s real father”

    1. BTW, this isn’t about this posting, but about Hogg broadening his apparent scope of interest, and trying to score points off Disney with it. He’s preaching to his choir, and the more tantrums the throw over things only marginally connected to gun rights, the less the general public will listen to him.


  1. Let him keep opening his Pie-hole. I do have a solution to the Die-In Issue they want to stage a die in fine lets complete the process. Have Security or local law enforcement Remove the Die-in “Corpses” in REAL BODY BAGS. Leave enough of an opening for the Simulated ‘Corpse’ to breathe but not escape. Haul them all to the local Coroners office pending “Autopsies”. Arrest them for trespassing and whatever else you can think of have the business sue them civilly for loss of business trauma to employees and get a PERMANENT RESTRAINING ORDER. So these Dumb-asses don’t try it again.


  2. Let’em have their “die-ins” at Disney or wherever else. Then we can tag every Hoggite as anti-“liberal cause” for whatever political or social contributions are cut off as a side effect just like what happened with Publix.



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