These kids are just nasty little shits

David Hogg retweeted this with glee.

A bunch of shit kids held a die in at the office of Senator Ted Cruz.

Why?  Because law abiding Texas gun owners had anything to do with the Parkland or Pulse shootings?

No, it’s because partisan politics.

The Senator was not in his office.  He was attending meetings elsewhere.  What did one little shit do?

Steal all the Starburst off a staffer’s desk in an act of petty vengeance.

Of course all the anti-gun shits on this kid’s twitter feed loved it as much as Hogg did.

This is where we are at now with these kids.  They don’t schedule a meeting with the proper channels.  They show up when the Senator is out.  They stage a petulant protest in the Senators office.  When they don’t get the impromptu meeting they demand, they steal a staffer’s candy.

These kids have no maturity what so ever, yet they and the Democrats think they should be able to tell us how to run our lives.


6 Replies to “These kids are just nasty little shits”

    1. Wooden board, about 12-18″ long, 6″ wide. Rounded edges, handle on one end.

      Apply daily until child stops acting like a barbarian.

      (The staffer should press charges. It sounds petty, but trespassing and theft are just gateways to more criminality. The candy thief will one day find a way to justify planting bombs.)


  1. Suppose I were a staffer for a legislator? Suppose I had a jar of chocolate colored things, manufactured by the lovely folks at the Ex-Lax company, with a prominent label saying, “Do Not Eat These! They are not yours!”? Suppose one of these visigoths (no offense intended to Visigoths) glommed onto a large handful? Suppose….



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