Young Goebbels supports Generalissimo Gwen Graham.

So here I am trying to write a nice post about Gwen Graham when J. Kb. beats me to it.

Gwen Graham’s pedigree runs deeply anti-gun. Her father is former Governor and Senator Bob Graham who in 1985 vetoed Florida’s Concealed Weapons Law. It was not till he departed office and a new governor was in that the law that would shake America’s self Defense and Second Amendment landscape became law.

She is a purely political animal, raised in the halls of power in Tallahassee and worked for Howard (The Scream) Dean and John (Ugly Jane Fonda) Kerry. So, she would very much likely try to pull the Declaration of Emergency stunt, but other than a heart laugh and sinking the state of Florida in a slew of lawsuits and petitions for the application of  Section 17 of the Florida Constitution, she would not accomplish much.

But at least she can move forward knowing that she has David Hogg’s seal of approval.

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