Kavanaugh’s alleged sexual impropriety: Where the Democrats counter-ambushed?

So yesterday we have the “shattering” news of Kavanaugh’s sexual misconduct via a letter that Dianne Feinstein had been holding for over a month, and which fizzles rather fast after it is leaked that the impropriety was a high-school silliness.

And the next day, we have 65 women coming out to defend Kavanaugh in an open written letter.

I know political operatives may be good and fast, but nobody can collect and make 65 people agree on something, redact it and have it out in less than 24 hours. My take? The Republicans knew about the accusation and prepared the response to embarrass the living daylights out of the Democrats.  And on a Friday afternoon, knowing it will make every political talk show in the weekend.

I would say they succeeded.

8 Replies to “Kavanaugh’s alleged sexual impropriety: Where the Democrats counter-ambushed?”

  1. The idea of a ‘counter-ambush’ brings to mind the possibility that the Republicans may have had the letter written as a ‘false flag’ ruse, just to make the demoncraps look like the fools that they are.

    Of course, as Birdog opines, it assumes they are that smart.

  2. Look close- this is what dumbocrats in full melt down look like. Remember, if dumbcrats hate it its making America great. If dumbcrats want it its bad for America. They truley are severely mentally ill. I was waiting for this to appear. Its right out of dumbcrats play book. Accusing a Republican of harming women usually resulted in the Republican slinking off with head down and tail between legs. It isnt working anymore. Its like out takes from Romper Room, buncha friggin babies the lot of em

  3. When the Dems run out of arguments on the facts, they always go for personal attacks. There will always be a female acquaintance of the target that will allege everything from sexual harassment to rape, however, not to law enforcement or under oath. The hypocrisy of damning Kavanaugh for an alleged, uncorroborated, incident when he was in High School, and defending Slick Willy from multiple sexual harassment, sexual assault, and rape allegations is mind boggling. Not to mention that he was convicted of perjury for lying to a federal court about his sexual activities.

  4. A commentator (Karl Rove?) pointed out yesterday that this thing didn’t even get Cory Booker or Kamala Harris or any of the other usual left-wing extremists interested. They haven’t said anything about it. So yet another theory is that this is Kevin de Leon false flag to make Dianne Feinstein look bad.

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